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Constructech wrote an article about how Multivista is helping shape a smarter sales and CRM for all types of constructions. 

Smarter Sales and CRM for Construction

Sales, CRM (customer-relationship management), and marketing are key components to both commercial and residential construction projects. Today, new technology tools are enabling builders and contractors to better manage these processes.

This can range from sales and marketing automation solutions to visual walkthroughs for the clients. Two recent examples point to how the technology is advancing for both commercial and residential construction.


Builders Manage Sales
One case of a CRM tool comes from SmartTouch Interactive, which offers a solution that enables developers to aggregate leads from digital marketing investments and distribute them in realtime. It also enables users to create and automatically deliver lead nurturing emails, event-based emails, Website visit alerts, and text blasts.

Five new companies are now leveraging this CRM solution: Northgate Ranch, a master-planned community in Texas; Deerbrooke, another master-planned community in Texas; Veramendi, a master-planned residential and mixed-use community in Texas; JB Cumby Construction, which is building luxury condos in Austin; and 7 Creeks Ranch, a ranch community in Texas.

This type of technology can help move prospects through the sales process—all within one platform. This helps create accountability and transparency through custom reporting.

Custom Virtual Walkthroughs
Being able to virtually walk through any construction projects is a powerful sales tool for construction companies—both commercial and residential.

Virtual Tours copy.jpg

One example of this is the SiteWalk 360 service from Multivista that allows customers to virtually walk through any construction site from anywhere in the world. In order to enable this, Multivista was one of the early testers of the SDK (software development kit) from Matterport.

Matterport is now using offering early access to its 3D Showcase SDK for select developers to create publicly available Websites and apps, and the company is planning to roll out additional features for the platform in the future to expand on its capabilities.

While these are just a few examples, technology continues to advance, offering new opportunities to builders and contractors to improve sales and CRM.

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