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Streamline Firestopping Compliance


The firestopping assessment process is challenging as it takes time to detect unsealed penetrations, which greatly contribute to the rapid spread of fire and smoke.

Even with strict protocols in place, there are always last-minute installations and the possibility of human error in sealing up rated wall penetrations, which could endanger staff and patients during an emergency.

As a result, maintaining quality is expensive, accounting for 5% to 20% of total project costs. Besides that, quality issues can be severe and could number in the hundreds. For example, in a 500-unit residential complex, there could be 20 quality concerns logged per unit. This translates into 10,000 punch list issues that must be identified, tracked and rectified.

Multivista overcomes these challenges by automating the detection of unsealed penetrations via leveraging two cutting-edge construction technologies: image recognition and advanced reality capture.

How it works

Capture Image

Capture images

Multivista 360 Photo specialists come to your site and capture exact-built above-ceiling conditions. No training or hardware required!

Process Data - Firestopping

Process data

All captured images are indexed, linked to floorplans, and analyzed for penetrations using our proprietary AI system.

Leverage Intellignece

Leverage intelligence

For each detected penetration, our system will create a task in Multivista’s Task Manager. Each Task will be assigned to a responsible person and will include a due date, a photograph of the deficiency, and its location on the floorplans for easy remediation.


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Multivista has created and maintained a database of 200,000 hand-labeled construction photos taken by our documentation specialists around the world.

Based on this massive database, our proprietary Automated Firestopping Assessment is trained to detect various unsealed penetration types with +95% accuracy from either standard 2D or 360 images by analyzing images using our AI technology.


Above ceiling penetrations

Automated Firestopping Assessment Benefits

Working smarter

By incorporating AI-technologies into your existing construction workflows, you can boost productivity through automation.

As a result, once a penetration is identified by Multivista image processing engine, our assessment system generates a task at Multivista Documentation Software (MDS) to ensure that the penetration was handled properly and that the specialist in charge is held accountable.

Achieving better

Our proprietary image processing engine can detect even the smallest unprotected penetrations that humans find difficult to detect. They can also classify and precisely locate multiple defect types in a single image, saving construction specialists time and effort.

Our automation system would save you hundreds of hours of labour, days of project time, and thousands of dollars in rework.

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