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Customized 3D data capture services for all project sizes

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We understand your 3D scanning requirements

Over the past decade, Multivista has documented +300 million square feet of 3D scanning projects for +2700 architects, general contractors, and developers worldwide.

Unlike other providers, we have +500 local team members on the ground in +500 cities to advise you on the best service to suit your needs, inform you about timelines and processes.

As part of the Hexagon family, we work closely with our sister companies like Leica Geosystems giving us access and insight into the latest in reality capture technology.

With a +20 year track record in the construction reality capture industry, we have the experience to meet your expectations, and surpass them.


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A GLOBAL Trusted 3D scanning provider

Our local Multivista teams provide expert services in 3D laser scanning and scan to services. With a vast knowledge and experience, our teams can advise on best practices and methods to effectively digitize your as-built environment to meet your project requirements and solve costly problems.

Thousands of clients worldwide, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and government entities, have placed their trust in Multivista to provide 3D scanning services for a variety of use cases.

  • Renovation and refurbishment
  • Pre-slab & MEP documentation
  • Construction verification
  • Floor flatness reporting
  • Asset management and maintenance

+100M ft2

3D Laser Scanned

+50M ft2

Scan to Services

For more information about 3D Laser Scanning technology you can visit our complete 3D Laser Scanning guide:


Comprehensive platform Learn more
We provide access to 3D point clouds, 360ᵒ imagery, CAD drawings and BIM models from a single platform.
Industry experience Learn more
Leveraging our decades of experience, we guide clients on which services are best for their projects and how to get the most from their data.
Information ownership Learn more
We supply all data and file types. Data is easily accessed, shared, and delivered in multiple formats.
Subsidiary benefits Learn more
Our services close the loop for your projects via partnerships with global sister companies like Leica Geosystems and AVVIR.
Advanced technology Learn more
Our teams use the latest Leica Geosystems laser scanning technology to ensure precise measurements and the highest data quality.
Powerful integration Learn more
Our platform integrates with 16 other platforms including HxGN Smart Build™ Insight and Autodesk Construction Cloud.
3D Laser Scanning Scan to Plan Scan to BIM Floor Flatness Reports Mesh Models

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning

Utilizing the latest in 3D laser scanning technology from our sister company Leica Geosystems, our 3D scanning service is delivered by local teams, available nationwide and around the globe.

With +100 highly trained reality capture field specialists, Multivista teams can support your projects whether large or small for a variety of purposes. We can provide point cloud data for your renovation project, scan during construction to verify and record as-built conditions or capture existing assets for ongoing facility management and maintenance.

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Scan to Plan

Leveraging the accuracy of 3D laser scanning, our scan to services team turns point cloud data into 2D as-built CAD drawings. Based on your requirements Multivista can deliver architectural drawings in Autodesk AutoCAD DWG and DXF format.

  • Floor plans
  • Ceiling plans
  • Building sections
  • Roof plans
  • Interior & exterior elevations
  • Site plans
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Scan to BIM

We transform your 3D point cloud data into highly accurate 3D Building Information Models (BIM). As-built models are extracted from the captured scan data by our team or qualified Architects and Engineers.

  • Architectural base models – the building block for all modern renovation projects
  • Architectural Plus models – include built-in cabinetry, decorative mouldings, and other historical features
  • MEP models – mechanical, electrical, and plumbing modeling services
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Floor Flatness Reports

Uneven and unlevel floors cause costly problems during construction. Multivista uses laser scan data and the latest analysis software to generate a PDF heatmap report that visualizes the deformation and contours of the floors surface, to give you visibility of potential problems.

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Logistic warehouses
  • High-rise & multi-story buildings
  • Validation of any types of concrete slabs
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Mesh Models

Meshing converts 3D point clouds into 3D triangulated models. When timelines are tight, and decisions need to be made quickly, Multivista can create 3D mesh models that allow clients to visualize their space in 3D within their standard Autodesk or other 3D software.

  • Visualization – View and navigate around the 3D mesh
  • Quick 3D output – Typically faster to create than other 3D deliverables
  • VDC workflows – Used to verify as-built conditions
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Here’s a brief overview of each option
3D Laser Scan Scan to Plan
Final ProductFloor / ceiling plans
Elevations / sections
MEP routing & coordination
Floor / ceiling plans
Elevations / sections
Doors, windows, skylights, elevators, handrails, etc.
MEP routing & coordination


Share with stakeholders up-to-date, accurate, real-world information on your project through Multivista’s online platform. With the integrated Leica Geosystems TruView technology, take virtual photo-realistic tours of your project site from anywhere, anytime. In addition, take measurements and annotate critical information, then easily share these details with any stakeholders to improve project collaboration.

How it works

Capture data Learn more

Our scanning professionals use Leica Geosystems scanners to capture precise 3D measurements on-site.

Process data Learn more

Our expert teams process the data to deliver 3D point clouds, 2D CAD drawings, 3D BIM models, Floor flatness reports and Mesh models.

Leverage intelligence Learn more

Your project teams use these deliverables to shorten timelines, report to stakeholders, get paid faster, and more!

Use Cases

Healthcare Education Commercial Residential Industrial


Hospitals are complex facilities with critical infrastructure and a high density of MEP systems. The accurate documentation and digitization of these complex structures is critical to the success of any construction project or for ongoing facility management system.

Laser scanning provides a fast and non-intrusive method to capture healthcare facilities in precise detail allowing for the creation of accurate CAD drawings or 3D BIM models.


Traditional methods for measuring buildings are time consuming and prone to error. Complex facilities like schools and universities often provide an impossible challenge to capture without the use of a modern 3D laser scanner.

Multivista can quickly scan these spaces in 3D and deliver a complete 3D picture, saving your team hours of time spent on site with measuring tape and clipboard.

The point cloud created by 3D laser scanning can also be linked to a georeferenced coordinate system via survey control, making it simple to visualize how each building on campus relates to the others.


Precise 3D footprints are invaluable for both new commercial development and changes to existing structures. Often outdated plans cause costly mistakes which result in downstream project delays. 3D laser scans capture the true as-built situation on site and can be used to assess the impact of costly work before it’s performed, allowing you to propose multiple options for each property.

Trust Multivista to transform your commercial properties into information-rich and easily accessible digital assets with our 3D data capture services.


Whether a single-family home or a twenty-story tower block the need for accurate as-built documentation to start or finish your project is critical. 3D scanning captures a precise 3D dataset of your projects real-world situation which can be shared to stakeholders throughout the globe via Multivista’s online platform.

Our fully immersive 3D walkthrough connects people to their projects allowing our clients to virtually visit site without leaving their office. Collaborate with colleagues using the high-resolution measurable imagery or download the 2D CAD or 3D BIM model deliverables created by our scan to services teams.


Our 3D reality capture professionals collect fast, accurate and dense geospatial data for industrial projects, avoiding potential hazards and limiting disruption to sites and work areas. Our 3D specialists have scanned:

  • Water treatment plants
  • Telecommunication and data centers
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Complex boiler and plant rooms

Once captured our scan to services team will extract accurate 3D models of all the MEP systems and elements visible on site.

Hear from our clients

Joe Cosh, Associated Director, Project Services, BCIT

BCIT has leveraged the Multivista web portal greatly through both this scanning project as well as some live construction webcams we’ve used.  It’s very intuitive.

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