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Doing Things Differently

Overrun.  Delay.

These words have plagued the multi-trillion dollar global infrastructure industry since the 1930s when some of the first cost escalation studies were published. And while the infrastructure industry as a whole is not out of hot water, change is being led by those companies who are embracing new efficiency-driving, construction technologies.

Projects Captured
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Specialized Documentation

Massive infrastructure and civil projects, like highways, tunnels, and bridges, often require a complex network of teams on site. They also require special considerations like monitoring groundwater, reducing soil erosion, and tracking equipment spread over a large area, which only adds to the complexity. Comprehensively documenting projects, teams, and equipment that spans large distances is necessary for effective project management and also far more efficient today, than in years past.

Creating Efficiencies

With the largest pilot-controlled drone (UAV) fleet in the construction industry and 825 infrastructure projects captured, Multivista will work with you to make sure your civil and infrastructure projects are fully covered. Civil project leaders count on Multivista for:

  • Transparency: When public funds are involved, careful and comprehensive documentation is absolutely essential.
  • Record Keeping: With multiple crews and machinery on site, letting Multivista capture a clear visual record of who did what, how, and when will help to keep it all straight.
  • Aerial Imagery: Multivista’s drone (UAV) services deliver time and date-stamped aerial images and video of your project, linked to an interactive digital plan that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Geo-Tagging: All Multivista drone (UAV) images are geo-tagged so you can accurately pinpoint and annotate items like utilities.
  • Full Scope Walk-Along: Prior to back-fill, a full-scope walk-along paired with a UAV/Drone overview provides essential information for the future.
  • Monitoring Tools: Our construction monitoring tools track change history and provide a record of important communications or issues that were resolved during construction.



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