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Industrial and factory construction is a niche construction type with a specialized workforce and, often, multi-national management firms.

Whether it be a warehouse, shipping distribution center, or manufacturing facility, each space is designed and constructed to custom specifications that match the needs of their building processes.

Multivista’s construction documentation services can capture the special attention to detail of these properties, enable communication across teams, record specialized equipment installations, and ensure compliance with strict safety construction regulations.

Specialized Documentation Needs

Multivista has been contracted to document over 200 million square feet of Industrial and Factory construction projects. Our clients count on Multivista’s full-service documentation experts to capture the following:

  • Office/warehouse build outs and renovations of existing spaces
  • Occupied renovations
  • Erecting structural support systems
  • Pipe labeling and installation
  • Mezzanine installation
  • Equipment installation and alignment
  • Mechanical insulation installation
  • Internal and external scaffolding
  • Any other specialized construction or installation specified by client
Factory Photo Documentation Services Provided by Multivista
In the past, we had relied on our own photo documentation and videotaping. The work by Multivista took this to a whole new level of quality and professionalism which was well worth the investment. Their photo documentation makes it easy to track each aspect of the project from start to completion. If there are problems or disputes it is very easy to go back through the photo timeline to see exactly what was done and when in any given area.
Doug Margison, Project Manager, Mierau Contractors Ltd.

Full-Service Support

Multivista supports the documentation needs of industrial and factory construction through:

  • Equipment Delivery and Installation: Multivista photo services can help ensure all equipment is delivered in an undamaged condition and installed correctly, while Multivista webcam solutions permit remote viewing capabilities for real-time facility monitoring.
  • Safety Documentation: Multivista video services capture complex equipment and system training in a format that can be leveraged for years to come. Ensure everyone is working safely, efficiently and using the equipment properly.
  • Easy Access: Multivista hosts all visual documentation and video on our cloud-based platform and app, accessible at any time to prevent knowledge loss in the event of staff turnover.
  • Quality Assurance: Prevent or refute costly litigation with a comprehensive as-built record confirming your compliance with all government industrial regulations.
Internal Photo Documentation of Industrial Factory Provided by Multivista


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