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Recreation and Stadium Construction

Recreation and Stadium Construction - Bring Transparency

There is nothing simple about building a stadium. With multiple trades and teams on site simultaneously, and due to the highly technical infrastructure, stadiums, theatres, arenas and other recreation construction projects can always benefit from the increased collaboration and transparency afforded by good recreation and stadium construction documentation.

Special Considerations and Site Issues

Recreation and stadium construction projects occupy large spaces, often in busy public areas, and are often joint ventures or publicly funded so staying on schedule and budget are important. They are often technologically complex builds that include video boards, fiber optics, and big lighting and sound set-ups. Scheduling can be challenging due to the variety and number of trades working together on each build.

How does Multivista help?

Multivista’s experience coupled with amazing documentation skills will benefit your recreation and stadium construction project.

Here’s why:

  • Transparency: You need transparency on projects with multiple stakeholders. Multivista’s visual construction documentation services provide an opportunity for project owners, governments and construction teams to monitor the build in real time.
  • Documentation Accuracy: There’s no point having the crews arrive to install the seating if the concrete hasn’t been poured yet. Multivista’s photo and 360 Sitewalk documentation accurately capture exactly how all the complicated tech infrastructure was installed.
  • Lifetime Documentation: Maintenance teams will be using that information to see behind the walls and ceilings for decades, and the transparency of professional third-party documentation allows owners to show the public where the money is being spent.
  • Overall Perspective: The sheer size of most arena/recreation builds means an overall perspective is valuable. Multivista UAV and webcams not only give all stakeholders a glimpse of the big-picture, they also provide exciting video and time lapse assets for marketing and public engagement.

With so much experience and expertise, Multivista is your best choice to document your next project.

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