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Architects & Engineers

From Concept to Completion

Multivista captures the right tech at the right time to capture every phase of construction. From ground break to ribbon-cutting, an intuitive cloud-based platform delivers architects and engineers a comprehensive visual record of construction progress.

Our comprehensive suite of reality capture services delivers inspection-grade visuals that enable the immediate validation of construction material, workmanship, and adherence to design–even when you are working remote.

Design professionals can compare modeled and as-built conditions with seamless BIM integration, or by importing the provided point-cloud data from our 3D walkthroughs. Plus, users can quickly respond to Requests for Information (RFI) and prepare for OAC meetings without a site-visit. Multivista’s built-in collaboration and annotation tools bridge design and build team communication.

Architects and Engineers Can:

  • Virtually “walk” their project remotely
  • Quickly respond to RFIs without a site-visit
  • Verify adherence to design and materials specifications
  • Monitor workmanship and project progress
  • Validate modeled data with as-built records
Multivista is an incredibly powerful tool. Buildings are documented during construction at key stages, providing the design team with oversight and the ability to highlight defects early. Multivista’s construction documentation allows the design team to report potential issues missed during site visits and ensures compliance to technical quality and design intent. The platform is very intuitive and we recommend it to all our clients and contractors alike.
Fraser Davie, Architect, Keppie Design

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