How Measurable 3D Images Integrate Construction Technologies to Enhance Design Deliverables

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In recent news, Multivista’s Chief Technology Officer, Graham Twigg, was interviewed by AECbytes to give an overview of Building Information Modeling (BIM) integrating with 3D measurable image capture and how it can help enhance architecture design and project management.

There’s a considerable amount of effort that goes into planning and designing the construction site. The BLK3D allows architects and builders to document the job site so it can be later measured for precise planning. Project managers have the ability to remotely “walk” through the job site to catch any errors while the job is in progress. Twigg goes into detail about how these services integrate to capture the big picture of the construction site.

Definite Construction Site Visuals

Each construction site needs to have a full concept of the area to plan properly. Taking drone UAV surveys and capturing as-built infrastructure allows builders and architects to capture the big picture before the work begins.  With the right pre-planning in place, the construction project can move along a lot quicker with a decrease in financial challenges.

Review Laser Construction Site Progressions At Any Time

There’s also the ability to access a 3D model of the job site to review different areas at various stages of the build. This creates better communication between contractors, managers, and architects.

3D Construction Model

A True “Digital Twin”

Twigg goes into detail about how Building Information Models (BIM) only represent the building before modifications over the years have been implemented. Documenting the current state of the infrastructure as well as the on-going progression creates better synergy in the job site communications. The integration of BIM construction site models and other job site documentation can become a valuable resource – a “True Digital Twin”.

Visual construction documentation can be a valuable service for commercial builders and architects because it helps keep the job on track and on budget utilizing big picture design deliverables.

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