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Lasting Solutions for Legacy Builds

Construction projects at academic institutions pose unique challenges; some include a wide range of building styles included in a single campus, while others may require the integration of existing infrastructure, including historical buildings. One thing they all have in common is that they are designed to support the flow of hundreds of thousands of students over the building’s lifecycle.

Today’s educational facilities are often complex projects, designed with a heavy focus on technology, safety, and flexibility.  Project stakeholders involved in the renovation of legacy or historic buildings, however, often have to go into those modernizations with little to no as-built information and a high likelihood of delays caused by unforeseen conditions.

As education construction projects are designed to last for generations, it is critically important to visually document renovations and new construction projects with a comprehensive as-built record that can be leveraged for decades. See why Multivista has been trusted to visually document thousands of educational facilities in high-resolution detail.

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We brought Multivista on board for two reasons — To reduce the propensity for claims and to provide our facility maintenance staff with something more functional than 'as-built' drawings that may or may not be accurate. Multivista has been on 5 projects to date and our facility maintenance staff is finding the “behind the wall” photos a very useful tool. We wish all of our buildings were photographed during construction to the quality of Multivista.
John Fessler, Director Capital Programs, UNC Charlotte

Built To Last

Facilities management and maintenance teams play a critical role in ensuring educational facilities continue to operate at a high level for decades. Documenting your educational new build or renovation creates efficiencies both during construction and for long after. Because Multivista captures all in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) systems before they are covered,  facilities management teams essentially get the benefit of x-ray vision into every wall, ceiling, and slab of their education facility.

Multivista provides the ability to troubleshoot issues or even identify potential problem areas well before an issue presents itself.

Focused on Safety

Primary and university education projects require enhanced structural integrity and planning to ensure the facility is safe for students to occupy and flexible enough for future renovations. Tax-payers, donors, and project stakeholders depend on the facilities being built soundly the first time so they’ll stand the test of time. Reviewing Multivista’s comprehensive visual documentation throughout the build process proactively can ensure that any issues are caught early and not repeated through other phases of construction.

Fully Captured Institutions

Visual construction documentation is a best practice of the industry’s leading education construction builders for the following cost-saving reasons:

  • Ongoing facility maintenance
  • Future renovations and enhancements
  • Confirmation of safety and structural requirements
  • Prevention of knowledge loss
  • Campus facility mapping
  • QA/QC
  • Reduction of rework or destructive verification

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