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Overseeing government construction projects means being under a lot of pressure—pressure to keep costs low, to finish the job on time, to maintain transparency, and to provide construction project documentation to an array of interested parties.

Whether it’s for education, healthcare, public safety, infrastructure, or any other critical government project, high-pressure construction can lead to costly mistakes.

We have a proud history of serving government clients at the municipal, county, state, provincial, and federal levels. In the US, our services can be procured on the GSA IT-70 schedule.

Multivista eases the pressure on project overseers by providing comprehensive photo and video documentation at every stage of construction—increasing accountability for everyone involved.

Each stage of the building process is documented carefully and completely by our professional documentation team. Government stakeholders can securely access thousands of inspection-grade, photos, linked to an interactive project plan, through a password-protected login.

Maintenance, repair, and inspection costs are decreased significantly since the exact locations of important utilities can be viewed clearly. And, in the case of a legal claim or dispute, Multivista’s comprehensive documentation can substantiate claims or apportion liability accurately.

Best of all, every piece of documentation associated with a project can be accessed remotely which means project overseers can grant access to any interested stakeholder, providing complete visibility throughout an organization.

Government Personnel Can:

  • Maintain transparency
  • Enjoy simplified procurement
  • Remotely monitor progress and critical path
  • Validate workmanship, change orders, and requisitions
  • Preserve a permanent as-built record
  • Reduce operational expenses of documented facilities

Simplify Procurement

Multivista is the only platform of its kind available on the GSA Schedule to assure the best pricing to our Federal and participating Clients in the US. Our service can be procured on the GSA IT-70 Technology Schedule in cooperation with our procurement partner, EC AMERICA. EC AMERICA administers the procurement, billing and payment processes on behalf of Multivista nationally.

Manufacturer: Multivista
EC America Contract No: GS-35F-0511T

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We were reviewing a contractor’s monthly requisition and noticed a pay item claiming 100% for a façade demolition. Given this item’s significant dollar value, I needed verification...I checked the updated photos and they clearly showed that all façade demolition was finished. This saved me from having to drive to the site to do a visual check and at least two hours of my time. Thanks for providing an excellent service!
Joseph Amerigo, Civil Engineer II, Nassau County Department of Public Works

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