Pegasus-Backpack Helping Capture Reality Of Large Las Vegas Project

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The leica Pegasus: Backpack Is Your Mobile Mapping Solution

Leica Pegasus: BackpackMultivista is in exploration mode with the Leica Pegasus: Backpack. Visualizing an entire commercial building project can be a challenge without the proper technology. So, Multivista utilized the Leica Pegasus: Backpack to visualize complex datasets of a large commercial build in Las Vegas. 

Leica Pegasus: Backpack utilizes five cameras to capture 360 degree views of as built construction sites. It’s perfect for precise mapping of large buildings with the many features it employs. 

This mobile mapping solution helped Multvista collect data quicker as well as develop a 3D model of existing conditions for as built conditions of Resorts World Las Vegas casino complex.

If you’re looking for a quick solution to data collection, measuring that data, and visualizing the data, the Leica Pegasus: Backpack could be your solution. 

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