Multivista Sponsors A 360 Degree View Of Doolan-Larson Building

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3D Construction Photography Donation

San Francisco, CA – Multivista donates 3D laser scanning to create a virtual walkthrough with a 360-degree view of the historic Doolan-Larson building’s interior. Many times, historic buildings do not have an up-to-date floor plan where it’s easy to understand what’s behind the closed walls and which rooms are located on each floor level. This can become a problem when repair issues arise, and contractors need to know where internal structures are located. That’s where 3D virtual walkthroughs can help close the gap.

3D construction photo for historic property

Andrew Duffell had the honor to be the lead on the Doolan-Larson project. He has been with Multivista for eight years and is currently a Senior Regional Principal in the Northern California region. He had the opportunity to share his thoughts to Heritage News about how Multivista can enhance historic structures:

“It’s unfortunate that many who are responsible for historic structures don’t have the information they needed for proper maintenance. Many of these buildings don’t have accurate, or sometimes any, floorplans. Our technology can help bridge that gap. This project will ultimately assist Heritage in maintaining these structures today and providing institutional knowledge for tomorrow.” – said Duffell.

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