Multivista Joins the Effort to Revitalize Detroit

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Detroit, MI, 26 February 2017 – Due to the rebirth of the Detroit market, Multivista — the leader in visual construction documentation — is joining the growing list of businesses that have recently opened up shop in Motor City.


The new franchise offers Multivista’s full suite of innovative photo, video, and webcam services to Detroit’s construction industry.

The market’s franchise owners — Mark Oldenquist, Chris Winter, and John Montesanto — first joined Multivista nearly a decade ago. “We saw an opportunity [Multivista] that appeared to be nonexistent and untapped in the construction industry,” says Oldenquist.

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Between these three Multivista veterans, six other metropolitan markets within the Midwest are owned and serviced, including Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Lexington, Louisville, and Pittsburgh.

“We have an excellent geographic fit to the Detroit market. We have been working within this market for a couple of years, and there is a lot of developer driven movement happening now, so we felt it was time to set up a permanent office,” said Oldenquist.

The Great Recession affected the city of Detroit perhaps more than any other market, resulting in the auto bailout in 2009 and the city’s eventual bankruptcy in 2013. Once viewed as an economic abyss, businesses like Multivista are pushing the city towards a comeback.

The same untapped potential in the construction industry that first propelled Multivista’s growth is evident in Detroit. Since the recession, large companies such as Lyft, Twitter, Ally Financial, Quicken Loans, and Microsoft have either opened offices or moved their headquarters to Detroit. But it’s not just large organizations that are flocking to Michigan. The city is well on its way to becoming a mecca for smaller companies as well, with 984 small businesses reported per 100,000 residents of Detroit. Even more encouraging, 67% of those small-business owners are launching ventures due to opportunity, not necessity1.

While Detroit’s construction revitalization is gaining speed, the city’s economy is still considered by many to be “in crisis.” Developers are investing in Multivista’s interactive, digital as-builts to protect their new Michigan investments and reduce operating and maintenance expenses throughout the lifecycle of their building.

For more information, please contact John Montesanto, Multivista Detroit, at (440) 476-9830.

Multivista, part of Hexagon AB, has been contracted on over 2 billion square feet of construction projects worldwide and is trusted by the industry’s leading companies to mitigate risk, create efficiencies, and deliver a higher level of project insight throughout a building’s lifecycle.

Multivista offers a full suite of visual construction documentation services on an intuitive cloud-based website platform with local boots-on-the-ground support in over 68 international markets. Along with streaming webcams, professional facility management videos, and virtual walkthroughs, the company delivers interactive as-builts by linking inspection-grade photos to architectural plans to capture every project with exceptional clarity.

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