Technology meets Heart in South Florida’s Booming Construction Market

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As his name implies, Cruise Bogle is almost always on the move. Bogle, a 28-year old Quality Control specialist for Multivista’s South Florida market, sustained a C4 spinal cord injury in 2008 that left him immobile from the neck down. Self-described as “wheelchair bound but mentally free,” Cruise is the perfect example of the doors that technology (and the willingness to embrace it) can open.

cruise1.jpgMultivista’s South Florida photographers shoot more than 50,000 photos on close to 100 different construction projects throughout southern Florida every month. Because this South Florida team is linking over half a million images to digitized project plans each year, Cruise understands it is critical to confirm each shoot captures the information Multivista’s clients need to manage their buildings for decades to come. Cruise’s day job in Quality Control, at its core, is to ensure the right information is captured at the right time, and he does that in a pretty unique way.

Cruise performs his duties using a specialized device. “My current system is called a SmartNav,” he explains. “A little sensor sits on the top of my computer screen and detects a small infrared dot that is placed on my forehead, so when I move my head the mouse pointer on the screen follows. Then I have a click button behind my shoulder and I also have voice-activated software for typing.”

Cruise’s post-accident career path to Multivista initially stemmed from his pre-accident passions. “I love music,” explains Cruise, “and I was fiddling around with music and video on the computer that gave me the training I needed to be able to work for Multivista.”

Cruise first used those skills to edit Multivista construction training videos and then shifted into setting up new projects in the company’s cloud-based software. Since 2015, however, Cruise has been an integral part of South Florida’s QA/QC team.

cruise2.jpgDespite his responsibilities, Cruise’s day job at Multivista is only a small part of his true workload. “I’m at the gym 4-5 days a week,” explains Bogle. “I have to do my therapy so that I can do everything else. I see this as more of my full-time job.” Through his daily rehab and training programs, Cruise has regained some mobility in his arms and is able to lean and shift his weight using his upper body and core. “It’s a slow process,” he explains, “but any progress is good progress!”

Bogle speaks with a laid-back surfer’s demeanor and seems to exude positivity at all times. He is quick to point to the role his entire community of Delray Beach, Florida plays in his recovery, with extra special kudos given to his cousin, Kristi Vick, the owner of Multivista’s South Florida market.

“She has been a huge part of everything for me,” he says. “She’s my biggest advocate. I wasn’t able to finish college after my accident and Kristi started fundraising for my expenses and physical therapy. It’s not easy to get a quality job when you are an underqualified quadriplegic, but I’m stoked to be working with her, and excited to see where the Multivista tech continues to go. I think our drones are really cool and that they will definitely help out on the shoots and make us even more efficient.”

cruise3.jpgWhile running one of Multivista’s busiest markets, Vick is also preparing for the 10th annual Cruiser Palooza fundraiser, consisting of live music, food, drink, silent and live auctions to be held April 21, 2018, at the Delray Beach Playhouse. The annual fundraising event helps to offset the substantial out-of-pocket medical expenses that are not covered by Bogle’s insurance each year.

And, while the medical bills must be paid, Cruise is not the type to stress about what his future holds. In fact, through his daily strength and mobility conditioning and with help from his assistive technology, Cruise has been able to devote what little free time he has remaining towards music and video editing, urban clothing design, and a career as an artist.

“I paint using my mouth and then put those paintings onto shirts. My main goal is to work on more art and build my portfolio up. It’s a side project while I’m still working with Multivista. Whenever my Ops Manager needs some help with an extra project, I am here for him.”


And in the meantime? He’ll keep cruising, and we’ll keep being inspired by his unstoppable drive.

To learn more about Cruise, visit To learn more about other Multivista career opportunities, visit Linkedin. To learn more about Multivista’s visual construction documentation technology (Photo, Video, 3D immersive and, Cruise’s favorite, Drones) check out

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