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Marc Dugas
Multivista Senior Director of Operations & Support 


Most buildings and facilities are full of complicated (and expensive) systems: HVAC, fire suppression, electrical, elevators, security, irrigation, etc. Owner Training Videos (OTVs) are essentially video versions of training manuals where knowledgeable professionals explain exactly how to use and even repair these key systems.  

When created properly, these videos preserve valuable knowledge in an accessible format, increase employee safety, help ensure systems function properly and are maintained correctly, and reduce training times and the risk of knowledge loss through staff turnover for the lifecycle of a facility. 

OTVs are tremendously important at handover as these videos help ensure new facility staff and maintenance teams are trained on the exact systems they are responsible for. OTVs also reduce lifecycle expenses because they help ensure systems are kept running properly, according to manufacturer specs.  

As well, in the event of an issue, having readily accessible information from specialized experts showing your teams how each system works can more easily resolve issues, reduce liability, and help validate insurance claims.  

Multivista videographer performing video documentation on job siteThe best OTVs are generally produced by a third party, using professional video and audio capture techniques (construction sites can be noisy and/or poorly lit) featuring subject matter experts that can clearly demonstrate all the important information for each system in your facility.  

Multivista videographers recording a construction training videoWith 20+ years’ experience in digital construction documentation and reality capture, Multivista documentation specialists can help determine exactly which systems should be captured via Owner Training Videos. We are also industry-leading experts at capturing and producing high quality OTVs that deliver on clear audio, lighting, close ups of all key details, and making them accessible to your team members on both our cloud-based, interactive platform, and on our mobile app.   

All Multivista OTVs are chapter-searchable, and we can create custom QR code stickers that can be put on any system in your building for immediate access to video clips and/or technical manuals maintenance teams and facility managers may need. As well, for areas where noise levels are high, consider adding Multivista’s captions and transcriptions service to the applicable OTVs so that your teams can review video content to retain the key information with or without audio. 

If knowledge is power, losing key knowledge is like throwing money out the window. Contact Multivista today and we’ll help you memorialize all the important facility system knowledge you need to help ensure your building runs efficiently, cost effectively, and with minimal surprises.  

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