General Contractors can reduce liability risks and improve credibility with Owner Training Videos as part of the handover milestone.

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Marc Dugas
Multivista Senior Director of Operations & Support 

There’s a common misconception about Owner Training Videos: only building Owners care about them.


This is not true. Certainly, building and facility Owners see huge value in video training manuals featuring knowledgeable professionals explaining how to operate, maintain, and repair important and complex systems such as fire suppression, HVAC, alarms, and more…


Multivista videographers recording training video for client

…but thought-leading General Contractors (GCs) are seeing the value in Owner Training Videos (OTVs) beyond the traditional facilities-centric benefits of reduced knowledge loss, improved safety, and savings on long-term equipment costs.


In keeping with the times, liability is always top of mind. GCs who provide OTVs at handover can use those videos as visual evidence that systems were installed correctly and “checked over” by a knowledgeable expert. In addition, the videos provide a comprehensive record of as-built conditions.


Holding a credible reputation is important, so establishing good system maintenance workflows is in a GCs best interest as well. For example, if word gets out that a building’s mechanical systems failed just a few years after construction completed, that reflects poorly on whoever built the building. Providing excellent, easily accessed training at handover helps a Contractor best ensure the building and systems will be properly kept up to the various manufacturer standards.

Systems that Contractors may want to create OTVs for include:

      • Elevators
      • Escalators
      • Fire Suppression
      • Electrical
      • Security
      • Irrigation
      • Alarms
      • Intercoms & Paging
      • Plumbing
      • Generators
      • Parking Garage Automation


Although making OTVs has many benefits, they are only valuable if they are properly produced with quality in mind. Instead of putting off producing OTVs until the last minute, work with a trusted partner who will achieve the results you require.

With 20+ years’ experience in digital construction documentation and reality capture, Multivista documentation specialists can help determine exactly which systems should be captured via Owner Training Videos. We are also industry-leading experts at capturing and producing high quality OTVs that deliver on key details and making them accessible to your team members on both our cloud-based, interactive platform and mobile app.

All Multivista OTVs are chapter-searchable, and we can create custom QR code stickers that can be put on any system in your building for immediate access to video clips and/or technical manuals maintenance teams and facility managers may need.

In addition, Multivista can enhance OTVs by including captions and transcriptions so that no matter the noise level of the environment, team members can review the video content with or without audio and still retain the key information.

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