Construction Verification

We provide the whole construction team a construction inspection and construction monitoring solution that captures all construction milestones to facilitate construction verification.

Construction Verification and Inspection Services

Construction verification is a construction monitoring process that records the existing conditions and timing of construction milestones during the construction process. The construction verification process helps to promote accountability on the construction site. All construction stakeholders can benefit from implementing construction verification practices on their projects.

Multivista is a state-of-the-art construction technology firm that provides clients digital documentation of the construction process from groundbreaking through to completion. Our Exact-Built® system indexes high-resolution, inspection grade construction photograph to your project’s actual construction drawings to create a permanent, digital record of your construction process. Multivista works with owners/developers, architects, contractors, engineers, risk management professionals and other construction stakeholders on any type of construction project.

Multivista is your construction verification tool. Use our system to access your project information via a secure, online portal at anytime during the construction verification process. This helps facilitate your construction monitoring and construction inspection practices throughout the course of your project.