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Facilities and operations managers

Renovate, repair and maintain with confidence

Facilities and operations managers understand that buildings are always evolving. Maintaining, renovating or repurposing existing areas and repairing or replacing outdated equipment all add value to a development and keep it running smoothly – and they all rely on great documentation.

Multivista’s construction documentation services record as-built conditions of every part of a building at every construction milestone. Our local, certified professionals are on site throughout the building process, capturing high-quality photos, facility videos and 3D scans. We can also continue to service a building through additions or renovations to keep the facility documentation current.

All the information captured (photos, video, 3D scans) is available on our secure online platform for facilities and operations managers to reference anytime – and from anywhere – during regular maintenance, repair or renovation activities. Our exclusive platform provides access to key mechanical, electrical and plumbing information with the click of a mouse. This speeds up projects and makes destructive verification activities (such as punching holes in the wall) a thing of the past.

View Multivista's Construction Photo Documentation Through Your Desktop
Sample shot of Multivista's construction photo documentation software
View Multivista's Construction Photo Documentation Through Your Smart Devices

Facilities teams can:

  • Upload and access facility manuals
  • Watch training, operations and maintenance videos
  • Create, assign or update projects using Task Manager
  • Link their own photos and records to the building plans
  • Review and report progress on the go
  • Prevent costly knowledge loss from staff turnover
Multivista were extremely precise in detailing the final build and creating some excellent images we can use for marketing purposes. During the construction phase they documented the workmanship of the fire stopping on a weekly basis to ensure that the contractor was building to specification. In the future this will also help maintenance above the ceiling and within walls.
Sarah Clay, Project Manager Capital Estates & Facilities Directorate, Kings College Hospital

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