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Tradespeople and skilled workers want to do their jobs correctly, quickly and with as much quality and attention to detail as possible. Whether it’s new construction, a repair or a renovation project, faulty and incomplete documentation leads to difficult work, longer processes, unhappy clients and potentially hazardous conditions.

Multivista’s construction documentation services ensure that tradespeople always have exactly the information they need to get their jobs done right. By providing as-built photographs of every stage of a construction process and aerial drone inspections, linked to an interactive floor plan, Multivista has saved tradespeople from unnecessary drilling, digging and destructive verification since 2003.

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Tradespeople can:

  • See mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems even after cover-up
  • View in-slab utilities long after the pour
  • Add annotations, comments and mark-up on inspection-grade imagery
  • Review and complete punch list and QA/QC items within the platform
  • Avoid hazardous conditions by reviewing aerial drone footage
‘We just completed our first project using Multivista to visually document the build process from beginning to end...The as-built progression photos saved us on numerous occasions from having to cut holes in or remove drywall. The photos were used by the electrician when the time came to add extra outlets and wires throughout the house at the owner’s request, thereby eliminating unnecessary work. In one instance alone, we gained a 200% return on our investment in Multivista.
Mario Gomes, Owner, Valkyries Development Inc.

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