Multivista builds new Insights Division for AI-Based Construction Management Solutions

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(NORTH VANCOUVER, CANADA, 27 August 2020) – Multivista announced today the launch of their Insights Division that will use artificial intelligence to process and analyze millions of construction jobsite images in order to provide valuable insights and actionable intelligence that can considerably increase productivity, profitability and efficiency on construction projects.

“Many of our clients are looking for automated workflow tools that are simple to adopt and enable the project team to identify and resolve issues early,” says Russ Bollig, Multivista Director of Solutions. “By extracting actionable intelligence from our jobsite images we can provide early alerts and assign corrective work proactively.  The new Insights Division will help our clients make better decisions faster while reducing overhead and administrative costs.”

Leveraging constantly evolving artificial intelligence and expert analysts to process and quality check the vast amount of as-built jobsite data Multivista collects, the Insights Division will empower teams on a range of subjects including quality control of MEP systems, above-ceiling fireproofing, floor flatness, facility assessments, floorplan deviations, health and safety, and tracking schedule progress.

“It’s always exciting to work with the amazing men and women in construction and adapt to the changing needs of the industry,” Russ says, “and Multivista is best positioned to meet the high standards of quality required as your AI is only as good as the data you feed into it and inconsistent or low-quality data will yield poor results.”

As the largest and most experienced construction documentation provider on the planet, Multivista’s documentation specialists work on-site with project teams to produce the kind of precise and consistent data that artificial intelligence requires.

“We’ve been capturing top-quality data since 2003,” Russ says, “and the Insights Division is a natural step in our technological evolution. The future is here.”