Close The Data Leverage Gap With Construction Automation

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(BURNABY, CANADA, 17 APRIL 2023) – Hexagon AB, the parent company of Multivista, recently surveyed over 1,000 technology leaders, including 300 C-suite executives, to understand where autonomous technology is used in construction and its role as the industry’s most valuable opportunity to tackle the data overload. Building construction projects generate many terabytes of valuable data, but due to overwhelming volume, this data is often underutilised or lost. This creates a “data leverage gap” that, if bridged, could unlock valuable project insights that lead to better project outcomes.

The solution to this data leverage gap can be summarized in one word: Autonomy.

Autonomous technology plays a vital role at Multivista, and is the driving force behind our Firestopping Assessment solution. With the power of AI, our analysis detects unsealed penetrations by leveraging two cutting-edge construction technologies: AI image recognition and advanced reality capture. This is just the beginning of how the construction industry can utilize digital reality capture to build a better future.

Learn more about achieving better project outcomes through autonomy by downloading the Hexagon AB report here.