3D Measurable Image Service Launch Media Exposure

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Recently, Multivista (part of Hexagon) was recognized for a new service known as Measurable 3D Images. This service is just what the construction industry has been waiting for. It allows users to accurately measure length and depth remotely by simply taking a photo with the BLK3D imager.

How 3D Measurable Images Enhance Construction Sites

Russ Bollig is the Global Product Manager for the BLK3D and understands exactly what owners and contractors desperately need on construction sites because of his personal experience within the industry.

The measurable 3D image technology is perfect for general contractors, facilities managers, architects, and developers to be able to capture and measure precise elements of the construction site throughout the progression. With the ability to document complex commercial renovation projects, owners and contractors can feel safe making hard decisions as well as keep communication documented on critical conflicts.

“Multivista enables our customers see behind walls, in slabs, beneath floors, and underground through our documentation services. Now, with 3D Images, our customers will be able to accurately measure what they see in captured images. It’s an industry changing capability.”

-Russ Bollig

Media Mentions for Measurable 3D Image Service Release

You can read more about the launch of the BLK Measurable 3D Image release by browsing our media mentions below:


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