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Photographic Construction Documentation in Vancouver

Multivista helps Vancouver businesses decrease risk with comprehensive visual documentation services.

Multivista Serves Vancouver Businesses

Construction professionals in Vancouver and around the world know that when it comes to reducing liability, rework costs, and project timelines, Multivista is the trusted choice.

With local support and boots-on-the-ground service in the Vancouver area, Multivista can help ensure your next project goes as smoothly as possible.

Multivista offers comprehensive progress and as-built photographs available via a secure cloud-based platform, captured by professional photographers with deep construction experience. We also offer video, webcam, UAV, virtual walkthrough, and measurable 3D documentation services.

  • Construction Solutions
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Construction Solutions

  • Remote Project Management
  • Monitor Critical Path
  • Validate Warranty Issues, Disputes, and Claims
  • Reduce Facility Maintenance and Operational Expenses
  • Simplify and Save on Future Renovations

Services Offered

  • Construction progress photography
  • Exact-Built® and MEP Exact-Built photography
  • Construction video documentation
  • Construction webcam services
  • Construction drone & UAV services
  • 3D virtual walkthroughs
  • Measurable 3D images

Meet the team

Luis Pascual
Graham Twigg
Chief Technology Officer
Michael Oldewening
Michael Oldewening
Vice President of Marketing and Sales Enablement
Dan McRae
Vice President - Franchise Relations

Frequently asked questions

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When did Multivista get its start in Vancouver?

Vancouver is the birthplace of Multivista. The company was founded right here in 2003 by Luis Pascual and Graham Twigg. Since then, Multivista has grown to over 70 markets worldwide and has been contracted on over 2.5 billion square feet of construction projects around the globe.

What construction services does Multivista offer in Vancouver?

Multivista offers a number of construction services for our Vancouver customers, including:

  • Construction progress photography
  • Exact-Built® and MEP Exact-Built photography
  • Construction video documentation
  • Construction webcam services
  • Construction drone & UAV services
  • 3D virtual walkthroughs
  • Measurable 3D images
What clients has Multivista worked with in Vancouver?

Since 2003, Multivista has documented over 2100 projects in the Greater Vancouver area and has worked with well over 500 clients. Long-term customers include Kindred Construction, Cressey Development, Keystone Projects, Bosa, Onni, Valkyries Development, Wesbank, Mierau Contractors, RDC Fine Homes, Ventana Construction, Woodrose, YVR Vancouver Airport, a number of local Municipalities and School Districts,  and many, many more.

What industries does Multivista most commonly support in Vancouver?

We provide our services to a number of Vancouver industries including healthcare, education, custom homes, multifamily condos and apartments, commercial and government buildings, infrastructure, industrial, and factories.

Does Multivista partner with any other companies in Vancouver?

Beyond our international technology integrations and partnerships Multivista Vancouver is also a member of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade and the Homebuilders Association Vancouver (HAVAN).


Multivista’s webcam services are providing us tremendous value on our TELUS Gardens project located in downtown Vancouver. These webcams allow us to remotely view the site in real-time enabling us to verify progress daily even when we cannot physically be at the site. The project’s historical data stored on the Multivista website lets us review progress from previous dates. For example, we can look back and see exactly when installs relating to structure and glass, as well as other major milestones, have been completed. In addition, at construction completion, Multivista is commemorating the entire process with a time-lapse video.
Rhiannon Mabberley, Development Manager, Westbank
We use Multivista’s webcams to validate onsite materials and deliveries, and to confirm construction progress. Our company reps log into the system and capture site photos, morning and evening. These are used for daily progress submissions since the stills include date and time stamped watermarks. This keeps other parties current with the validation process. We believe the webcam paid for itself in under a year and we would not do another project without Multivista, especially if project is out of town.
Franco Corona, Director of Operations, Newway Concrete Forming Ltd.
We use Multivista on all our projects. The monthly progression photos allow us to retrace our steps easily by providing comprehensive coverage of the entire build. We find it especially useful during the finishing stage as it gives us the ability to confirm rough-in locations and back-framing layouts. In addition, our clients benefit as Multivista provides them with a detailed record of their homes – a great tool for any future renovation project.
Jaime Valenzuela, Project Manager, Keystone Projects Ltd

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