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Multivista provides professional cloud-based visual documentation of your construction project. We utilize the latest technologies within photo, UAV, video, webcam, 360° reality capture and highly accurate 3D measurable images to deliver what you need, when you need it.

Multivista Serves South Florida Businesses

Construction professionals around the world sleep easy at night knowing their projects are properly documented by Multivista. Our local boots-on-the-ground service ensures that every aspect of your building is captured consistently and efficiently. Whether it’s pre-existing conditions, post tension cable slabs, in-wall/ceiling MEP’s, or general progressions we have you covered. Avoiding unnecessary destructive verification, unsubstantiated delay claims, and litigation provides an invaluable return on their investment.

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Services Offered

  • Construction Photo Documentation
  • Construction Video Documentation
  • Construction Webcams
  • Construction UAV/Drone Services
  • Construction Measurable 3D Images
  • Construction 3D Virtual Walkthroughs
  • Construction Disaster Preparedness Services

Construction Solutions

  • Remote Project Management
  • Monitor Critical Path
  • Validate Warranty Issues, Disputes, and Claims
  • Reduce Facility Maintenance and Operational Expenses
  • Simplify and Save on Future Renovations

Meet the team

Kristi Vick
Franchise Owner
Kyle Vick
Kyle Vick
Senior Account Executive
Aaron Siegeltuch
Senior Operations Manager
Stacey McGrath
Office Manager

Frequently asked questions

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When/How did your Multivista franchise get started?

Kristi Vick opened the South Florida franchise in late 2009. With an extensive background in construction field technology Kristi was introduced to Multivista from another franchise owner. She immediately recognized the value in their services. An easy to use technology paired with experts in the field to do all the work for you, at a low price point made perfect sense.

List some of the most prominent and happy clients you've worked with in your market.

The Multivista South Florida market works with most developers, owners and General Contractors in our area and abroad. Turnberry, Seminole Gaming, Trump Group Development, Greystar, Miami-Dade County Schools, University of Miami, Baptist Health South Florida, Cleveland Clinic, to name a few.

What industries does your franchise location most commonly work with?

The Multivista South Florida office most commonly works within the healthcare, educational, multi-family, condominium, custom residential and hospitality industries.


Grycon uses Multivista on all our multifamily residential projects to document the project condition at substantial completion. We recently had project where we had a disagreement with our client on the status of work at substantial completion. Thanks to the help of Multivista which captured the “source of truth” we were able to put those disagreements to rest.
Charlie Adams, Project Executive - Grycon LLC
I want to thank Multivista for the services provided on our project. Your team allowed us to save time and money when we ran into an issue that required us to install five plumbing risers in a topped-out structure. Thanks to the Multivista drone pre-pour slab pictures, we avoided any potential damages to work in place. Your team was very professional and resourceful and I’m looking forward to working with you on future projects.
Christian Rivera, Project Manager - KAST Construction
We had a project to renovate an outdated facility where producing as-builts would have taken too much time and manpower to self- perform. We reached out to Multivista, for their 3D laser scanning services. Their team was amazing to work with, and the accurate and timely CAD files from their scanning helped tremendously. I would recommend their services for any reality capture needs.
Daniel Arrieta, Project Architect - Robling Architecture Construction
A 3D scan from Multivista saved our design team valuable time and energy documenting existing conditions, and enabled us to create more accurate and detailed construction drawings. The service was excellent and their pricing extremely competitive. I highly recommend using Multivista for 3D reality capture services (laser scanning, scan-to-plan and scan-to-BIM)
Hailey Grohman, Operations Director, Cedar Street Creative
Trump Group Development is currently utilizing Multivista's photo as-built services on their projects in Sunny Isles, FL. The photographic progress and as-builts have provided valuable oversight of our project and team members and will ultimately allow us to save considerable time and efforts in having to recollect what, where and when something was installed, should an issue arise. We have already been able to use the photos to locate post tension cables to core drill new added sleeves thru slabs. We look forward to using the photos to refute unsubstantiated claims by attorneys and/or surrounding property's HOAs in the future. It's been especially useful to communicate progress to team members that are not local.
Rick Chitwood - Trump Group Development
Can't tell you the number of times your photos have "saved the day" in figuring out what was done so many months earlier!!
Ev Howard, Senior Project Manager, Alonso & Associates
I was able to save a lot of time and money with this tool, having the ability to find the problem behind walls or concrete. I think this should be required on every construction site. Thank you Multivista.
Marcos Morales, Superintendent, Suffolk Construction
The MEP Exact-Built service Multivista provides is invaluable for any project. On our project, it was used daily to verify rough installations, check for conflicts in walls/ceilings, and overall QA/QC. During both construction and punch process, this tool helped save time and money and minimized the need for exploratory demolition.
Matthew Kane, Assistant Project Manager, Moss Construction
I just wanted to reach out and thank you and the entire Multivista team for the positive experience we had with the documentation of our project. Multivista helped us maintain clear records and transparency with our stake holders during the entire course of the project. (1) Scheduling was easy. Your operations team was always extremely flexible and responsive. (2) The picture quality was high definition (3) The consistency of the picture location allowed us to show a timeline of any area in question (4) The ability to add unlimited users at no cost, allowed us to avoid having to send photos to other team members (5) The drone aerial 360 images were most helpful when trying to capture aerials of the overall project scope area and worked great for presentations.
Maikol Guerrero, Civil Design Manager, Mount Sinai Medical Center
We are using the orthmosaic images Multivista’s UAV team captured of slabs pre-pour to have a comprehensive, measurable record of everything inside the slabs. Our coordination team regularly uses these image maps to inform our decisions about where we might locate a future opening or core the slab for risers. We also bring the orthomosaic image into Revit and lay it under model elements to create a vivid, workable correlation of what’s hidden inside the slab and what future building systems are planned. The 3D point clouds provide a great reference and record for work progress, since much of my team work remotely. Among the greatest value is that the slabs are captured regularly and consistently by Multivista’s certified pilots.”
David Thirlwell, Senior VDC Manager, KAST Construction
I utilized Multivista MEP Exact-Built documentation on a 44-story condominium and have noticed immediate benefits to my project and team. The Multivista platform is visual, clear, very user-friendly and makes it easy to share key information with others. I use this platform regularly to look at rough in locations for clean outs, pipe locations, ductwork, and electrical wiring when troubleshooting building issues. As-built MEP documentation helped us easily evaluate conditions that would otherwise require large costs due to destructive testing. Multivista can mitigate significant costs and be a tremendous long-term resource. I intend to use Multivista on all my projects.
Tony Rey, Director of Construction, Rilea Group
The Building Inspectors came out, inspected everything, and said that we were good to go and had passed their column inspection. We closed up the columns and went on with building. Later that month, another building inspector showed up to the site and pointed out that he didn’t know if the columns were properly layered because the previous inspector did not document the inspection properly. Had we not had the Multivista photos of the MEPs, we would have had to do destructive verification, ripping out tiled drywall in the kitchens, and essentially destroying all the completed kitchens along with it. It probably would have set us back about two months and cost us around $400,000. Luckily, we had Multivista photos indexed to the plans with proof that we had wrapped those steel columns correctly.
Ty Parrino, Project Manager, Greystar
As for communication both Turner and Multivista speak weekly so to stay ahead of the curve. I just wish all of the contractors were as easy to work with as you guys.
Michael Phillips, Turner Construction – Cleveland Clinic
Multivista has been instrumental in allowing BCAD to easily monitor and navigate the overall construction progress of the Maintenance Facility project at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The photo documentation embedded within the plans is easy to navigate to a specific area of interest within minutes versus the laborious old days of searching through the photos from all team members. There are many benefits to our entire team who encompass diverse responsibilities from designing and scheduling to construction and maintenance.

We recommend Multivista for use on any type of project and look forward to working with them on future projects here at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.
Marc Gambrill, Director of Capital Improvement Program – Airport Development
Multivista photos were used to determine if we could drill missing dowels after the slab was poured. Not having this would've required X-rays or GPR imaging and would've delayed completion of the work a couple days and cost anywhere between $500 and $3000 in testing depending if GPR or X-rays was needed. In addition, the electrician couldn't find one of his boxes in the concrete and he didn't know where to chip to unearth it because he didn't have the exact location. He was able to find it by looking at your photos, saving him a lot of time in having to re-route another line.
J.F. Desnoyers, Threshold Inspection Consulting Engineers, LLC
First off, taking multiple photos at different stages of the project is a great way to document items; especially at the framing stage of the project as once the walls are closed it is hard to prove anything or recall any changes that may have occurred due to field conditions.

Also, photos don’t “take sides” there is always that game of “he said” “she said” especially in construction. No one wants to take responsibility for their own mistakes, usually because of the cost implications. Photos help resolve any of this issues/concerns.

Finally, speed up quality control, safety inspections, and daily reporting. Having actual photographic footage of work just overall makes the project work.
Pedro Martinez, Coastal Construction - Superintendent
No matter the cost, it's worth it!
Steve Hines, Moss - Superintendent
Verifying that rough inspections have been completed for in-wall and above-ceiling areas is an ongoing process. Thoroughly documenting the rough conditions of a finished space to show compliance allows us to give our client peace of mind and adhere to the demands of the project schedule. Multivista has been instrumental in this way by capturing the in-wall and above-ceiling in an organized fashion.
Robert Romanoff, EI │ Field Engineer Turner Construction Company
ZOM Development values the services provided by Multivista. Their photographic documentation of construction gives us the ability to share progress photos within our group, and communicate construction related questions and issues such as RFI's, field adjustments, coordination, etc. One of the most important benefits is the thorough, long lasting photographic documentation of details for project records, archived for sharing and future use. Should an issue ever arise, the photographic evidence is indisputable and provides a level of comfort to us and our investors, helping greatly with accountability and quality control.
Brett J. Gelsomino, Development Manager
Our end users at The Terrace at Bonita Springs, the Executive Director and the Director of Plant Ops, have found tremendous value in Multivista’s photographic as-built documentation – they have used it to help diagnose issues without having to incur destruction, to evaluate noise transmission, and to verify allowable wall locations for residents who wish to install objects.
Sharon Behan Breitinger, Director, Design & Construction, Santa Fe Healthcare, Santa Fe Senior Living
It has been very helpful, I use it all the time to reference things in the project. Checking the existing photos to see how our clients have furniture, tile patterns, etc set up as a reference to what they like. And during construction looking at the photos to see where pipes, ducts, structural, elements are run when the client wants to move something or open up a wall to see if it will interfere with anything.
Danilo Marini, Cardello Architects - Custom Home Residence
Multivista has been instrumental in allowing BCAD to easily monitor and navigate the overall construction progress of the CIP# 3835 Maintenance Facility project at Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. The photo documentation embedded within the plans makes it easy to navigate to a specific area of interest within minutes versus the laborious old days of searching through photos from all team members. There are many benefits to our entire team who encompass diverse responsibilities from designing and scheduling to construction and maintenance.

We recommend Multivista for use on any type of project and look forward to working with them on future projects here at Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport.
Marc Gambrill, P.E., A.A.E., Director of Capital Improvement Program.

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