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San Diego Photographic Construction Documentation

Multivista helps mitigate risk before, during, and after construction by supplying comprehensive visual documentation services to projects throughout the greater San Diego area.

Multivista Serves San Diego Businesses

Industry professionals in San Diego know that all projects they undertake carry varying degrees of risk. Whether it be liability, rework, schedule, budget, or facility management and maintenance, Multivista supplies the visual data necessary to better manage and reduce these risks. Our boots-on-the-ground service makes your project’s critical data a priority, ensuring we capture the right information at the right time.

  • Construction Solutions
  • Services Offered

Construction Solutions

  • Remote Project Management
  • Monitor Critical Paths
  • Validate Warranty Issues, Disputes, and Claims
  • Reduce Facility Maintenance and Operational Expenses
  • Simplify and Save on Future Renovations

Services Offered

  • Construction Photo Documentation
  • Construction Video Documentation
  • Construction Webcams
  • Construction UAV/Drone Services
  • Construction Measurable 3D Images
  • Construction 3D Virtual Walkthroughs
  • Construction Disaster Preparedness Services


  • 3D Laser Scanning

Meet the team

Brad Avrit
Southern California Director
Michael Walmsley
Senior Regional Partner
Louis Galvan
Regional Director

Frequently asked questions

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When/How did your Multivista franchise get started?

Multivista’s San Diego franchise started in June 2011 with the goal of introducing a revolutionary smart technology to improve the construction industry.

List some of the most prominent and happy clients you've worked with in your market.

Multivista San Diego has had the privilege of working with several great clients including but not limited to: The University of San Diego, Scripps Health, The City of San Diego, Rudolph and Sletten, and Bosa Development CA.

What industries does your franchise location most commonly work with?

Multivista San Diego excels in our support of the following industries: Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12, and Multi-Family properties.


As Project Manager and Supervisor, my only regret was not using Multivista on past projects.
Aaron J. Macklem, Owner, Square On Solutions
The construction documentation they provide is a valuable asset for conflict resolution, maintenance, and facilities management.
Graham Crouse, Manager of Facilities
It's really a pleasure to use a product that works so well.
Michael Mendick, P.E., CCM, Assistant District Engineer
Multivista allows us to see behind walls, ceilings, and even slabs to eliminate many unforeseen conditions and costs. Multivista is an essential tool in my tool box.
Bill Clawson, Engineering Operations Manager
I have had the pleasure of using Multivista’s services on two projects now and the experience just keeps getting better. Multivista’s photo documentation services provide me all of the as-built information and protection I need in a professional platform without tying up a member of my staff. I fully intend to use them on every project in the future.
Brad Adams, Project Superintendent
I would recommend Multivista to any PM, contractor or owner seeking to reduce project risks and save time and money on their construction projects.
Dave Fox, Project Manager
Thoroughly documenting the rough conditions of a finished space to show compliance allows us to give our client peace of mind and adhere to the demands of the project schedule. Multivista has been instrumental in this way by capturing the in-wall and above-ceiling in an organized fashion.
Robert Romanoff, Field Engineer
I would recommend this tool on every job and to every owner…
Matthew Graziano, Superintendent
Multivista’s consistent involvement and support throughout the project has not only proven their dedication to their clients, but their drive to deliver a superior product and remain on the leading edge of technology.
Kyle Goebel, Virtual Construction Engineer
We find that an investment in pennies pays off in dollars. That’s why we push to have Multivista on all of our projects.
Javier Ordieres, Director of International Site Development
A no brainer, the service pays for itself.
Shawn Ruthven, Vice President, Construction Services
After being in the mechanical/engineering field for 30 years and experiencing first-hand what Multivista provides, I cannot imagine building a commercial building, or a house for that matter, without using Multivista.
Gerard Roth CEM, LEED AP O+M, CxA, Chief Building Engineer

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