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Construction Technology Solutions in Phoenix

Multivista provides greater Phoenix stakeholders with interactive digital as-builts for keeping projects on time and on budget.

Multivista: Serving the Phoenix Construction Industry since 2007

Multivista brings transparency, accountability and confidence to the entire development and build process, as well as taking turnover and facilities management to new levels. With its local team of full-time specialized tradesman, Multivista can be trusted to bring the right technology at the right time. We’re greater Phoenix’s most experienced reality capture experts, with a full suite of services including UAV/drone, webcams, visual as-builts, BIM verification, 360 immersive tours, 3D imaging and scanning.

  • Construction Solutions
  • Services Offered

Construction Solutions

  • Remote Project Management
  • Monitor Critical Path
  • Validate Warranty Issues, Disputes, and Claims
  • Reduce Facility Maintenance and Operational Expenses
  • Simplify and Save on Future Renovations

Services Offered

  • Construction progress photography
  • Exact-Built® and MEP Exact-Built photography
  • Construction video documentation
  • Construction webcam services
  • Construction drone & UAV services
  • 3D virtual walkthroughs
  • Measurable 3D images
  • BIM Verification and Visual As-Builts

Frequently asked questions

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When did Multivista get started in Phoenix?

Established in 2007, the Phoenix office is home to some of the most experienced members of the now-global Multivista team. Our technology offerings have been shaped and driven over the years by our clients’ needs here in the Valley and will continue to evolve with our stakeholders.

What industries does your franchise location most commonly work with?

We serve the entire spectrum of construction stakeholders across all build types. This includes healthcare, higher ed, residential condo, apartments, hotels, casinos, municipal and governmental, horizontal (roadwork, airport, light rail, bridges/interchanges). Multivista brings value to anyone who builds anything.


Multivista has quickly proven itself as an essential tool, saving Marlin Mechanical considerable man-hours and potential damage to a finished building. Whether we are needing to track down supply lines in the wall for a change order, find and uncover buried valves, or know what we’d be drilling into if we were to drill the holes for the gas through a double-sided stainless steel wall – Multivista has given us the requisite knowledge... Invaluable.
Ivan Luttrell, Tradesman, Marlin Mechanical
The facilities management teams we work with really appreciate the precision of the in-wall MEP photography and the additional resource it provides to traditional as-builts. We have always experienced professional staff and timely completion of our requests.
Eli Grieff, Senior Project Manager, Holder Construction
The investment into Multivista is one that you will be glad you made the first time your owner/developer makes a change. The high quality photos and simple to use location app help you understand what’s in the concrete or behind the drywall with minimal risk. In addition you are able to measure items in the photos that help minimize the risks even further. We no longer need to speed tons of money scanning decks prior to coring holes. It is the best "insurance policy" that we have.
Karl Schneider I, Sr. Vice President of Construction, Optima, Inc.
Multivista *#!@*! Rocks!
Joe Marcantonio, Superintendent, Optima, Inc.

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