How To Market Your UK Construction Project Using New Technology

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Feeling like your construction projects are in limbo? You’re not alone.

During the uncertain economic times precipitated by Brexit, many owners are finding themselves stuck, either with buildings half-completed as their contractors went bankrupt, with bank accounts dried up as investors have pulled out, or with finished projects standing vacant due to slow sales.

However, there are still buyers, renters, and investors out there, it will just take a little more effort to reach them — and that means smarter marketing.

The good news for UK project owners? The same technologies that have been implemented to improve project management processes can, in many cases, be used for marketing as well.

In this blog post, we’ll break down how emerging construction technologies can be used to double down on marketing and get projects back on track, even in an economic slump.

UAV Photography

Construction worker flying a drone

Drones have carved out a niche on construction sites around the world, where they’re used for everything from high-rise exterior inspections to orthomosaic aerial mapping.

However, as the construction industry embraces the more technical aspects of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), other industries have latched on to them for the sheer impressiveness of the video they provide.

In residential real estate, for example, drones have become a common sight, zipping above for-sale homes to capture unique, striking angles that will attract potential buyers.

Owners of larger projects can make use of these stunning angles as well. Drone photography makes a great basis for marketing videos, even if the project isn’t completed yet.

Some more creative project owners have even used UAVs to fly to the heights of future windows, simulating the views from penthouse balconies for potential tenants.


Live Webcams

Many owners have implemented live stream webcams at their construction sites. These owners are able to peer in on their projects without traveling, monitor progress, and even keep track of the weather.

When it comes to attracting investors, webcams have another use: sharing real-time updates.

Rather than making investors wait on your daily or weekly reports, you can simply give them access to a live webcam feed from their desktop or mobile browser, and they can see exactly how progress is coming on a daily basis. Webcam feeds can even be pulled up in pitch meetings for an instant differentiator.

Another popular use for webcams in construction marketing is time-lapse photography. Being able to watch a months or years-long process happen in seconds before one’s eyes is enough to make anyone say “wow.” Time-lapse videos are perfect for sharing on social media or in email blasts to potential tenants or investors.


3D Virtual Walkthroughs

You’ve probably used 3D walkthroughs while exploring an attraction on Google Maps or examining the halls of a potential new home.

3D virtual walkthroughs have also found a place in the construction industry, where they’re typically used to enhance the photo documentation experience. Being able to walk through an area and see in-wall utilities and other components is like traveling back in time, and makes maintenance, renovations, and rework much easier and less expensive.

These walkthroughs can also be used to create engaging marketing and pre-sales experiences. Let a tenant virtually walk through their future home or business without giving them a hard hat or taking them on site. The interactivity of this experience is sure to make a lasting impression.



Affordable Marketing Materials

All three of the technologies described above can be used for marketing with little to no additional costs for the owner.

Using a full-service documentation provider like Multivista, an owner can reap all of the core benefits of webcam, UAV, and 3D walkthrough documentation — reduced delays, minimised rework, limited liability, etc. — and then simply use the same materials for marketing and sales.

With Multivista, all documentation is made available via a secure, cloud-based platform, so a webcam feed, drone video, or walkthrough can be shared with a simple link, no special software required.


When external forces put pressure on owners to protect their investments, they must use whatever tools they have available to improve returns. For those already taking advantage of new technologies for documentation, using the same technologies for marketing is a no-brainer.

For those who haven’t yet added visual documentation services to their projects, now is the time. Read about why the uncertainty caused by Brexit demands better documentation.

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