Visual Documentation Just Got Better with Measurable 3D Images

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When Multivista was acquired by Hexagon in 2016, we told our customers that becoming part of a leading global technology company would allow us to deliver groundbreaking, game-changing solutions. Today, with the announcement of our 3D Images service, we proved that wasn’t just a sound bite.

When we became part of Hexagon, we gained a sister company — world-renowned surveying and geomatics equipment manufacturer Leica Geosystems. Leica Geosystems’ 200 years of history and famous Swiss precision was one of the reasons Multivista decided to get involved with Hexagon in the first place.

Last year, Leica announced the BLK3D, a new 3D imager capable of measuring length and depth to unprecedented levels of accuracy. Combining the best of a 3D laser measuring device with a professional-grade camera and advanced software, the BLK3D is a game-changing invention — and Multivista is the only company in the world offering it as a service for the construction industry.

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An Upgrade for Multivista Photo Documentation

Over the years, Multivista has mastered the art of capturing and delivering inspection-grade photo documentation to our customers. Our trained photographers know exactly which areas and angles need coverage, and all images are linked to interactive project plans made available via an easy-to-use platform in the cloud.

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Multivista Photo Documentation services have been used on over 50,000 projects, and owners, contractors, and other construction professionals swear by them, noting their ability to reduce destructive discovery, limit liability, and speed up critical workflows.

Multivista 3D Images take these capabilities to a new level. Using the BLK3D Imager in place of a normal camera, Multivista photographers capture 3D images of the conditions on the job site, of underground utilities, and the systems and components located within the slab, in walls, in floors, and in the ceiling that will be covered throughout construction progress. These 3D Images are made available via the same secure cloud-based interactive floor plans customers are familiar with.

The difference? Unlike traditional photographs that are used for visualization, 3D Images can be used for measurement. Intuitive in-browser tools allow users to measure the dimensions of objects captured within the image with high levels of accuracy.


Benefits of Measurable 3D Images

Measurable 3D images enhance Multivista customers’ remote monitoring and construction management capabilities. Now, contractors, project managers, project engineers, architects, design engineers, inspectors, and others can confirm the exact conditions of a given part of a job site without punching a hole, tearing up a slab, or even going on site at all.

It’s been reported that every RFI costs a construction firm an average of $1,000. Imagine being able to respond to more of those RFIs in a matter of minutes rather than weeks, by simply navigating to the appropriate part of the project plans, pulling up the correct 3D image, and collecting accurate measurements of the component in question. Then, thanks to our integrations with construction management platforms like Procore, Aconex, and Autodesk, the measurements can be sent in one or two clicks to the party in question.

Because Multivista 3D Images are accessed online, they can be easily shared with subcontractors, facilities teams, inspectors, and other stakeholders to speed up all manner of workflows and allow projects to proceed without delays.

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Another Innovation from Multivista

Our Leica-powered 3D Images service is the latest in a long line of innovations, joining an already world-leading roster of construction documentation capabilities that includes UAV photography and mapping, live-streaming HD webcams, 3D virtual walkthroughs, professional facility videos and more.

All of our advanced service offerings are comprehensive, meaning we handle everything from scheduling to image capture, date and location tagging to uploading, data management to security. Everything is handled by local teams with boots-on-the-ground support, so construction professionals can reap the rewards of visual documentation without putting anything new on their already full plates.

Multivista 3D Images are now available. Contact our Multivista representative to learn more about upgrading to 3D Images on your next project.

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