Make the Best Use of Photo Documentation by Learning the Benefits to Construction Professionals

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Have you ever dreamed of making the communication and troubleshooting processes within your team infinitely more efficient? Every day, thousands of construction professionals, from Designers and Architects to General Contractors and Developers, use visual documentation while working on a construction project. Here’s how and why each member of any construction team will benefit from leveraging construction photo documentation tools.

Designers and Architects

In a perfect world, design professionals would have the chance to monitor and verify all the work being performed on their projects to ensure it matches their plans and the results meet expectations. However, the reality of the construction world makes this process frustrating and sometimes even impossible because of tight timelines. With reality capture services, designers can use high-quality visuals linked to project floorplans to approve and validate the materials used, the quality of work, and adherence to initial design, even when working from home.

Here’s a shortlist of the possibilities a visual documentation solution provides architects and designers with:

  1. 1.  Comparing modelled and as-built conditions
  2. 2. Responding to RFIs and ordering material changes without visiting the site
  3. 3. Preparing for OAC meetings by walking through the site

360 Photo is a solution for construction companies that makes all captured images available through a cloud-based platform. An architect can “walk” their job site from within a virtual interactive project plan, open relevant photos, and take measurements right from their computer.

[Download this Brochure to see how 360 Photo works and what benefits it has to offer!]

General Contractors and Project Managers

Project professionals in the field often find themselves with too much on their plate. There are simply not enough hours in the day to identify and troubleshoot issues, respond to RFIs, complete quality control, verify materials, and generate safety documentation. When it comes to more complex projects, updating schedules and keeping everyone in the loop can be demanding.

360-degree photos from Multivista enable project teams to view all parts of their project with detail through the Multivista platform to monitor progress by looking at the most recent images linked to floorplans. With seamless integrations, you can add these images to schedules, reminders and notifications, RFIs, change orders, and other critical documents.

Owners and Developers

In 2021 it’s a well-known fact that digitization of construction documentation saves time, money, and other resources. 360 Photo is further proof of this fact because the solution supports hundreds of Owners and Developers around the world by streamlining communication and enhancing decision making.

The first thing an Owner should know is that access to the Multivista platform can be shared safely and securely with an unlimited number of project stakeholders. That means leveraging 360 Photo can make all the benefits for architects, designers, GCs and project managers available to everyone. In other words, the whole team can be more efficient and reduce timelines, risk, and the main construction evil – rework. Additionally, Owners and Developers can use 360 images to speed up change management and quality control workflows.

Go Back in Time and Plan for the Future with 360 Photo by Multivista

360 Photo is a full-service solution provided by Multivista. It allows you to get actionable insights from the field to update schedules, demonstrate progress, get paid faster, manage RFIs and disputes, and more. Your local Multivista team handles all the photo and data management; you focus on delivering results. Book your Demo today to learn more about what 360 Photo can do for your specific project.

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