How 4 Roles are Using 3D Construction Measurement on the Job site

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From surveying to design to construction, accurate measurements are one of the most important aspects of any building project. Construction measurements collected or documented incorrectly can cause a domino effect of issues, leading to delays, added costs, and even dangerous conditions. A lack of accurate measurements is part of the reason that 30% of the work on an average project is actually rework.

Now, new technology is helping construction professionals at all phases of the project lifecycle get access to the measurements they need. Measurable 3D images, captured using advanced imagers with built-in photogrammetry software, allow stakeholders to measure the length and depth of any object captured within that image, remotely.

With 3D images, the measurements you need are available in a few clicks, even after the areas in question have been covered up.

Let’s take a look at how 3D construction measurement is transforming some critical industry functions.

Designers (Architect, Design Engineer, etc.)

In an ideal world, design professionals would have the opportunity to verify all of the work being done on their projects to ensure it matches their plans. After all, their name is attached to the project whether the contractor follows their instructions or not.

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However, the realities of construction work make verification a frustrating process, and in some cases tight timelines make it impossible.

Measurable 3D images expand the scope of what architects and design engineers are able to verify. Multivista, a provider of measurable 3D image services for the construction industry, makes all captured images available via a cloud-based interactive project plan. An architect can “walk” their job site from within this platform, open relevant images, and take measurements right from their web browser.

measurable images

General Contractors (Superintendent, Foreman, Project Manager, Project Engineer, etc.)

For project professionals in the field, verification tasks can seem endless. Between responding to RFIs, identifying and fixing issues, verifying materials, creating shop drawings, completing quality control, and generating safety documentation, there’s hardly enough hours in the day.

On large projects, just getting from place to place to complete these verifications can be a hassle. And when progress is held up because of a pending item, the delays start mounting.

Measurable 3D Images from Multivista enable field teams to look into all parts of their project from the Multivista platform and measure what they see to with high levels of accuracy. Then, integrations with project management software allow for the easy addition of these images and measurements to RFIs, change orders, punch lists, submittals, and other critical documents.

With 3D images of MEP systems, underground utilities, pre-slab conditions, and more, field teams can also increase quality and decrease the need for destructive discovery.

MEP Professionals (Mechanical Engineer, Electrician, Plumber, etc.)

For MEP professionals, having access to measurable images is a game-changer.

For example, consider mechanical components like ventilation systems or heating elements that must be custom manufactured off-site, then delivered and installed. Rather than relying on project plans which may or may not reflect actual conditions, mechanical engineers can access a 3D image of the relevant area and take their own measurements. That means no more wasted trips to the job site and no more expensive adjustments.

Repairs also become easier with access to 3D images. Electricians and plumbers can take accurate measurements of pipes and find junction boxes or tie-ins hidden behind walls or under floors. That means repairs can be finished faster with fewer trips to the job site, and no repair work from destructive discovery.

Owners & Developers

It’s well-understood among owners and developers that digitization of building documentation saves time and money. Measurable 3D images are an ideal demonstration of this fact, helping owners and developers mitigate risk and improve operations throughout the building lifecycle.

Access to the Multivista platform can be shared securely with an unlimited number of project stakeholders. For an owner, that means contracting Multivista to capture and deliver 3D images can unlock all of the benefits described above for architects, GCs, and MEP pros. Taken together, that can represent a massive savings in terms of reduced timelines, rework, and risk. Owners and developers can also use 3D images to speed up their own quality control and change management workflows.

After handoff, 3D images help increase serviceability. Sharing these images with O&M teams or third-party maintenance providers can help keep the building in working order and increase tenant satisfaction.

Renovations and alterations also become easier with 3D images. Before coring into a slab or punching a hole in a wall, owners can get an incredibly accurate picture of exactly what components are within.


Unlock the power of 3D images with Multivista

Multivista now offers a game-changing full-service 3D Images solution. Powered by the BLK3D Imager from Leica Geosystems, Multivista’s sister company, this service includes capturing, processing, tagging, storing, and delivering 3D images of critical areas of your project. These areas could include pre-slab conditions, underground utilities, MEP systems, hydronic heating systems, finished conditions, or whatever else you may need documented.

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