Construction Documentation: 3 Essential Elements to Help You Win

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“How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose” – Bill Gates

We live in the age of information. An age where information moves fast, accumulates even faster, and real-time problem solving is the standard for success. These days, if you’re not documenting your construction projects with digital photos, video and/or webcam you’re in danger of being left behind.



In the construction industry, the stakes are high. Best practices in construction documentation have led to localized teams of experienced, razor-focused professionals whose core business is providing complete documentation programs across many vertical markets. From design to ribbon cutting through facilities management and beyond, you want complete documentation based on these three key elements:

Local & Ready  

Glitches can happen on even the most well-organized jobsite and when emergencies strike you want every member of the team to be on-hand, on-site and on-the-ball to get your problems solved as quickly and smoothly as possible. Easy access to the right documentation can make the difference between a quick fix and an extended nightmare. Choosing a locally available team to capture the critical path components of your build is essential for rapid response times when the going gets rough.

The Right Professional for the Job

The construction industry is highly specialized and as a result there’s much more to project documentation than just photos and software. Every build poses unique challenges and your documentation team should have the specialized training and experience to match your needs. You wouldn’t hire a plumber to put the life-saving electrical systems into a hospital so why would you want jobsite photos shot by a random network of photographers for hire?

Your service provider should be 100% focused on the construction industry with teams that are dedicated, full-time and trained to know what to capture and why it’s important to your documentation program. Every project is unique so you should have a team with the flexibility to meet your needs with a range of customizable construction photo, video and webcam services.

Quick, Organized & Connected

Information is king, but time is still money. Whether building a hospital, stadium or custom home, efficiency hinges on your entire team being connected and informed on all aspects of each project. Organization is vital—sorting through a folder of 10,000 un-indexed images to solve a problem is a nightmare situation that can – and should – be avoided.

Modern technology means you can have a documentation platform accessible by anyone on your team, anytime, and from any location, with easy navigation that allows you to go back in time to understand exactly what happened on the jobsite. And secure, cloud-based storage means you can rest assured that you won’t lose a single kilobyte of that valuable information when someone accidentally knocks a coffee onto your laptop.

In Conclusion

Professional construction documentation is a very real and necessary part of any job. With a smartphone in nearly everyone’s pocket, it’s never been easier to shoot pictures of your construction project. But, it’s also never been easier to get it wrong.

Information is king in visual construction documentation, but even more important are the boots on the ground capturing the exact information you need to help build a better project and protect your bottom line. Like every other aspect of a project with your name on it, you want your documentation done right, by an expert, the first time– because you can’t un-pour concrete.

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