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The Irving Independent School District in Irving, Texas, is on track to create what will be the largest net-zero middle school in the United States.


Irving Middle SchoolThe 150,000 square foot facility will utilize efficient technologies and on-site power generation including solar, wind and geothermal to produce as much energy as it consumes, cutting energy consumption of a typical middle school facility in half.

Multivista shares a philosophy of creating efficiencies that pay for themselves and then some. Multivista’s documentation technology has a proven return on investment time and time again for all stakeholders in the construction process. From project start to finish, online accessible and comprehensive documentation indexed by time and physical location will increase efficiencies through a collective picture-perfect memory.


Congratulations to the Irving Independent School District for the first net-zero middle school and largest public net-zero school in the United States. The design will incorporate energy efficient construction practices and systems including increased insulation, high-efficiency glazing, permeable paving, and increased daylight in classrooms to achieve this most admirable result.

Multivista is honored to be documenting the Irving Independent School District’s net-zero school.

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Multivista utilizes actual interactive CAD files as a housing, navigation and indexing interface for periodic and milestone “just-in-time” digital images of the entire life of a construction project from substantial framing through completion. Inspection-grade photographs are cross-indexed by time and location on our secure, online interface to pinpoint any specific issues during the construction process, providing our users a perfect memory of the Exact-Built™ condition of the facility, a powerful facility management and accountability tool that can be referenced for years to come.

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