Spanning Centuries: Lowry Avenue Bridge, Minneapolis, MN

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The $109M reconstruction of the landmark Lowry Avenue Bridge is underway by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Lowry Avenue BridgeFrom the Golden Gate to Brooklyn, bridges are built to last for generations and often become significant milestones in the story of our heritage. Multivista understands how important these stories are.  And that is why our technology is designed to capture every detail of the construction process, from groundbreaking through completion, preserving and protecting the story of your project.

Here, the historic 114-year-old Lowry Avenue Bridge, extending across the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, went 50 years before its first major renovation in 1958. In 2009, the bridge was closed and demolished due to safety concerns. The $109M reconstruction of the new Lowry Avenue Bridge is underway, set for completion in 2011.

Multivista is honored to be documenting this landmark project. Our comprehensive documentation services will capture everything – from the existing conditions after the demolition of the original structure, to the completion of the new Lowry Avenue Bridge.

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