Portland-based construction information firm delivers on high-rise projects

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As two of the most prominent high-rise projects in the Northwest approach completion, Seattle’s “Escala” and Portland’s “Mirabella Portland”, the Multivista Northwest team is reaching new heights of its own. The construction technology firm expects to deliver, collectively, over 60,000 remotely accessible, highresolution digital images to their clients detailing every aspect of these projects, inside and out, representing two of the Northwest office’s most impressive documentations.

Multivista utilizes actual interactive CAD files as a housing, navigation and indexing interface for periodic and milestone “just-in-time” digital images of an entire live construction project. Client project managers can then “walk” the project viewing every wall, ceiling and MEP system as if they were actually on site. To pinpoint specific issues, images are also cross-indexed by both time and location. At the project’s completion, you have what Multivista calls an “Exact-Built”: a high resolution “X-ray” of the walls, floors and ceilings throughout the project.


Mirabella Portland, a 30-story high-rise continuing care retirement community scheduled to open in 2010, offers a luxury experience inside with innumerable nearby amenities outside.

According to Bill Drinkward of Hoffman Construction, the contractor on Mirabella, “[We] chose Multivista to document our project so that we could provide state of the art documentation as an electronic as-built to our client upon project completion, as well as for our own quality management through the course of construction. The Multivista photos have been of great assistance to our project engineers and our subcontractors in performing the later stages of the work, and avoiding damage to the work in place.”

In Seattle, also standing 30-stories high, is the Escala residential condominium building developed by Lexas Companies who also involved the Portland-based Multivista Northwest office. Owner’s Representative Rick Fria of Fria Companies notes:


“We [had] recently completed the thirty-four story 44 Monroe Condominiums in Phoenix where we found the Multivista photo documentation to be a very useful tool in solving startup issues “behind the walls”. It was a no-brainer to select Multivista for the 30 story Escala Condominiums in Seattle, knowing exactly what we would get: a detailed resource documentation that will greatly contribute to a successful grand opening.”

According to Multivista COO David Stadnik, accountability and transparency measures up front can save countless amounts of time and money during and after construction, “and these are measurable savings almost inevitably greater than the cost of our service and usually far beyond.” It is this recognition that is driving demand for their system, claims Stadnik.

Testament to this, Multivista and its affiliates are quickly approaching 47,000,000 square feet of awarded or in-progress projects nationwide, according to Stadnik.

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