NYC Education Construction Fund’s 1 Million SF Public School 59

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Phase I of NYC Education Construction Fund’s 1 Million SF Public School 59 Underway.

New York City’s Education Construction Fund (ECF), a branch of the NYC School Construction Authority, focuses on promoting comprehensive development in New York City neighborhoods by constructing mixed-use projects that incorporate state-of-the-art school facilities with residential and retail space all conveniently under one roof.

SF Public School 59ECF’s newest project, the 13-story Public School 59, will house Public School 59 and the High School of Art & Design on top of a street-level Whole Foods Market in Phase I, which makes up nearly 340,000 SF of the total build. The project will finish out at nearly 1 Million SF with residential and retail space in Phase II. ECF’s one-stop-shop developments make city living more convenient with schools, shopping and living essentials available without even setting foot on the street.

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Multivista is proud to be documenting Phase I of the PS 59 & High School for Arts & Design & Retail Stores project for the NYC Education Construction Fund.

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