Multivista Brings Maricopa County Court Tower Vision To LIfe

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Construction on Arizona’s second largest project start in 2009, the $350M Maricopa County Court Tower, is underway.

Maricopa County TowerConstruction is well underway at what will be the 695,000 SF Maricopa County Court Tower in downtown Phoenix. A vision for the future, the $350M tower promises to incorporate advanced technology and best practices to ensure a secure and functioning facility that can accommodate the anticipated growth in the county for the next 100 years.

Multivista understands the benefits of having a clear view of your project and the construction process. Our online system allows stakeholders to remotely see what is happening at critical milestones from key perspectives. The Multivista Exact-Built™ system gives you a virtual x-ray of the in-wall systems. This comprehensive documentation gives you the ability to quite literally see every aspect of your project – inside and out – before, during and even after construction.

Multivista is proud to be documenting the Maricopa County Court Tower project.

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