Multivista And Palm Beach State College Partner For Development

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Lake Worth, Fla. – For the third time in less than a year of operation, Multivista South Florida has been contracted to document construction on Lake Worth’s Palm Beach State College campus.

Palm Beach State CollegePalm Beach State College is utilizing Multivista services to track progress on their $25 million Public Safety Training center, which will house police and fire academies and an indoor firing range.

Multivista, often called the best practice in construction documentation, is also documenting the more than 28,000 square foot addition to the campus’ Technical Education Center, a LEED registered facility attempting to attain LEED Silver certification, and the renovation of the college’s existing Finance Building.

Multivista’s easily accessible, just-in-time indexing system provides a great communication tool for all project stakeholders.

“Multivista allows us to have real-time access to the progression of our projects and visual as-builts indexed within the plans over the web,” said Palm Beach State College Facilities Planning and Construction Manager, Kirk Stetson.

Multivista cost, typically between 1/10th of 1% and 1/5th of 1% of total project costs, is also attractive to clients.

“Documenting a project in this way makes complete sense for all parties of a construction project,” said Stetson. “We estimate the return on our investment to be substantial, given the insignificant costs of Multivista’s services,” Stetson said.

About Multivista

Multivista utilizes actual interactive CAD files as a housing, navigation and indexing interface for periodic and milestone “just-in-time” digital images of the entire life of a construction project from substantial framing through completion. Inspection-grade photographs are cross-indexed by time and location on our secure, online interface to pinpoint any specific issues during the construction process, providing our users a perfect memory of the Exact-Built™ condition of the facility, a powerful facility management and accountability tool that can be referenced for years to come.

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