Multivista Exact-Built Tool Keeps NEW WORLD SYMPHONY PROJECT On Track

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Miami, Fla. – Multivista’s state-of-the-art indexing and navigation system has helped Miami’s $109M New World Symphony expansion project avoid schedule delays.

New World SymphonyHaving Multivista on site to document the construction process of the Frank Gehry designed, New World Symphony expansion gave General Contractor, Facchina Construction of Florida, LLC the documentation necessary to maintain the construction schedule and avoid setbacks such as destructive discovery costs and change orders.

“Multivista has helped this very fast-paced project stay on schedule by avoiding destructive discovery costs and loss of time when inspections were questioned to meet a tight schedule,” said Jesus Vazquez, President of Facchina Construction of Florida, LLC.

“Multivista services helped us substantiate entitlement for change orders by recording the work that was done and allowing the construction to progress, thereby avoiding change order impacts to the schedule,” he said.

Multivista’s benefit to the more than 100,000 square foot New World Symphony expansion, was obvious to the General Contractor from the beginning.

“As soon as I viewed Multivista’s service, it was clear that it would be a valuable addition to the New World Symphony Campus Expansion project,” Vazquez stated.

Multivista, which has often been called the best practice in construction documentation, offers a variety of Exact-Built™ shoot types such as the MEP Exact-Built™, Exterior and Interior progression shoots and Slideshows that capture the exact construction conditions of a facility as it was built from substantial framing through completion. The inspection-grade digital photographs are then tied to architectural plans and hosted on our secure, online interface for an interactive, “just-in-time” record of the construction process.

“Facchina has documented projects with photographs/video in the past, but to document all areas, and index them on to the CAD files, with real time access, is ingenious. This level of documentation has allowed for better communication between all members of our team and will ultimately improve the quality of our project,” Vazquez said.

“The success of any project will depend on how close you can complete the project within the original schedule and budget.  We believe that Multivista’s services have helped us achieve our goals of servicing our clients, and creating a record of our accomplishment for business development,” he stated.

About Multivista

Multivista utilizes actual interactive CAD files as a housing, navigation and indexing interface for periodic and milestone “just-in-time” digital images of the entire life of a construction project from substantial framing through completion. Inspection-grade photographs are cross-indexed by time and location on our secure, online interface to pinpoint any specific issues during the construction process, providing our users a perfect memory of the Exact-Built™ condition of the facility, a powerful facility management and accountability tool that can be referenced for years to come.

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