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Global Expansion Multivista Announcement – What It Means

There has been a great deal of movement in the construction-technology space as of late. M&As (merger and acquisitions) aside, construction-software providers are also making moves on a global scale, developing a worldwide approach to technology strategies. But what do these announcements mean for contractors?

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Multivista,, Phoenix, Ariz., is one of the most recent to declare its plans for global expansion. The technology company got its start in the United States serving the residential construction market starting back in 2007. It has since evolved to serve large commercial projects for airports and educational institutions, among many others.

Now, the company has announced plans to take its technology global. The company’s President and CEO Luis Pascual says the company has strategically focused on the North American market throughout the last six years and is now ready to expand internationally.

This news comes on the heels of the announcement of Your Multivista—a new Web-based application that is designed with workflow in mind. The new product aims to get the right visual data in the correct person’s hands, while also giving that worker the ability to manage the data, adding productivity to processes at the end of the day.

Multivista says the expansion effort will bring the technology to international markets as early as fall 2013, with future updates on new locations to come. In addition to adding international locations, the company also continues its growth in North America, with select locations available under a franchise distribution model.

Certainly, for Multivista, this move signals the company is preparing itself for global growth. When a company expands into new markets, what does it mean for the construction company?

Aconex,, San Bruno, Calif., is a prime example of a technology provider that initially served the Australian construction market, but expanded its reach into North America. Today, big construction projects across the globe continue to add the company’s technology, and the provider continues to roll out significant product upgrades for mobility, BIM (building information modeling), and more.

Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore., has also made a move, expanding outside of North America and into the Australian market. Since the company has initiated this effort, it has also upgraded its product to target this new market. In particular, at the end of June, the company announced the latest release of Viewpoint V6 Software will include the Australian Taxation Office AP Taxable form, along with several other updates, allowing construction firms to comply with regulations. In addition to the United States, Canada, and Australia, Viewpoint also serves the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East.

Still, some other ventures into global markets have fizzled out after the initial announcement of expansion from technology providers. The construction industry has certainly seen a lot of transition in the last few years; it will be interesting to see how the market shakes out in the coming years.

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