General Contractors

Undeniably As-Built

General contractors are responsible for bringing together and coordinating workers, subcontractors, and specialists from a multitude of trades and disciplines. With so many individual projects happening on any one site, creating workflow efficiencies, centralizing project data, and recording accurate as-built records is no small feat. 

With Multivista’s visual construction documentation, that job becomes a whole lot easier. Our always-local construction documentation experts are on site, creating a comprehensive, digital record of the construction process in every area and at every milestone. The visual information they collect is uploaded to our secure, online platform, which means construction and project managers can review progress as it happens, and correct errors before they become larger problems.

Making use of state-of-the-art technology like inspection-grade photos, aerial drone imagery, professionally-produced facility videos, 3D immersive technology, and live project webcams, Multivista gives general contractors unparalleled visibility into their projects. And because all of the data is accessible online from anywhere, project management doesn’t have to stop when a manager leaves the site. Our documentation is also indispensable in facilitating dispute resolution, and can help protect you in the case of a legal claim or dispute.

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Multivista Construction Documentation Images
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General Contractors can:

  • Record a permanent as-built record
  • Remotely manage their projects
  • Monitor critical path
  • Avoiding destructive verification
  • Mitigate their Statute of Repose Risk
  • Resolve disputes, substantiate claims
  • Validate warranties
  • Respond to and resolve RFIs


If a drawing is worth a thousand words, then a picture is worth a thousand drawings-especially photographic documentation of the entire build process.
Kenneth L. Johnson, Executive Vice President, Hunt Construction (Now AECOM)

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