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Construction is the next traditional industry slated for major tech innovation over the next decade.

Inventors the world over are seeking new ways to build structures that will be cheaper and easier to develop, with fewer of the costs and hassles associated with development. Modular components and automation, as shown in this video by Mashable, are already changing the way people view the future of construction.

Space age technology alone won’t supplant every common issue developers encounter today. As the nature of construction transforms over time to meet the demands of new technologies, communication between parties and sharing information will only become more important. Today, miscommunication results in a lot of litigation between investors, project managers, and construction firms, which results in billions of dollars in annual transactional costs, delays, and dispute resolution industry-wide according to the Federal Facilities Council (FFC).

Technology that improves information access and communication on the job site comes with untold potential for innovation and disruption.

Multivista was one of the first companies to digitize visual construction documentation, using state of the art video, 3D modeling, UAVs, and more to track and plan major projects.

Why invest in this field?

Documentation services are crucial for providing a record of work on a construction site. They serve a variety of purposes, from litigation protection to communication between specialty contractors to worker safety.

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Technology designed to closely monitor progress can help developers schedule and budget projects more precisely, which means fewer overruns and unexpected costs.

Multivista uses new innovations in photography and design to disrupt documentation, making it a more versatile tool for investors and developers alike. By providing instant access to worksite walkthroughs from anywhere in the world, investors get a clearer picture of what’s going on. For builders, keeping investors in the know can help keep communication channels clear and prevent work disruptions.

What does visual documentation mean?

Hiring just any photographer to walk around taking photos of a job site won’t cut it. Documentation experts collect data using specialized techniques to get high definition photos that give inspection-grade detail. This data is organized for quick and easy access and updated regularly to document the progression of a worksite over time.

Documentation experts at Multivista use a range of tools and techniques to suit the needs of their clients, including the following:

High Definition Photo Documentation

Multivista offers full-service site photography for projects across every construction vertical. Photo experts from the company go on-site to collect high definition inspection-grade photos that are indexed on the cloud to your project plans based on location and date, so you can instantly access and inspect information from anywhere.

Exact Built® Photo Documentation includes a complete photographic record at critical milestones that will capture site conditions, document adjoining sites, and offer an instant window into progress. This documentation includes images that capture underground and in-slab utilities, exterior weather proofing, and MEP systems during the crucial period between inspection and final cover up.

Video Documentation

Construction video documentation supplements on-site photography to maintain a truly comprehensive record of as-built conditions. Video is also popular for Owner Training Videos, which contractors can use to demonstrate safety procedures, troubleshoot common issues, perform fault analysis, and more. Video can also be helpful in preventing knowledge loss when employees move on.

Webcam Streaming

Multivista webcams are precisely arranged and installed to allow for time-lapse photography, which helps investors see progress in action. Webcams today use high-definition cameras designed to provide added detail, like weather conditions. Using the Multivista platform, your construction webcam can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection using tablets, computers, and smartphones.


UAVs are slated to be one of the biggest disruptors in construction over the next decade. Multivista offers a full suite of airborne solutions, driven by the industry’s largest team of professional construction drone pilots, custom tailored to projects of any size. Drones can be used for surveying unsafe areas in your worksite remotely, which puts fewer people in dangerous situations unnecessarily. They can also be used to track progress from above, where documentation can prove difficult due to safety concerns (especially in-progress buildings, several stories up). This helps with planning and risk mitigation. And, of course, drones can be used to capture incredible, marketing-ready collateral too.

Sitewalk 360

Multivista has teamed up with Matterport, a leader in immersive media technology, to create a 3D walkthrough service called Site-Walk 360° that allows project managers and investors to perform inspections, document as-built conditions, and capture hard-to-visualize spaces in exceptional clarity. Multivista users can now flip back and forth between inspection-grade 2D images and detailed 3D as-built documentation in sensitive and critical areas, which can validate BIM without costly 3D laser scans and allow users to virtually walk along in-wall utilities.

As projects approach completion, Site-Walk 360° becomes a great marketing tool, allowing potential buyers the opportunity to tour facilities from anywhere.

Why invest now?

The construction industry is well overdue for disruptive innovation and investment. According to a study by PWC, the construction industry invests much less revenue back into research and development compared to nearly all other major industries. That opens up considerable opportunity for outside investment to drive progress.

As new technologies are developed, early adoption of technology that allows for better tracking and communication will make transitions smoother and easier. Documentation technologies already fill necessary gaps in the developer network, as well as providing the framework for tech that’s still years away from full implementation.

Learn more about Multivista’s Emerging Construction Technologies. Request information today.