Professionally-Produced Construction Videos

Multivista videographer performing video documentation on job site
Video preview of Multivista construction training video
Multivista videographers recording training video for client

Review operations and maintenance videos anytime

Construction video documentation services by Multivista provide a high definition capture of your site-specific operations and allows maintenance teams, project stakeholders, and building managers to administer and share Owner Training Videos (OTV).

Our team will help you determine which systems should be captured within your OTV videos, and will organize and direct each speaker to ensure a high-quality final deliverable.

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Keep your team on the same page and ...

  • Reduce liability or validate insurance claims
  • Maintain a comprehensive record of as-built conditions
  • Showcase proper facility operations training, equipment inspections, and maintenance
  • Demonstrate safety protocols, troubleshooting, fault analysis performance, and system repair processes
  • Prevent costly knowledge loss from departing employees
  • Supplement complex technical manuals
  • Reduce life cycle expenses through maintenance efficiency

There are so many reasons ourĀ Construction Video Documentation services can help you on your next project. Be sure to check out all of our services – we know we can help make your next project a huge success!

Multivista construction video documentation in progress
Multivista videographers recording a construction training video
Multivista videographer preparing to record a training video

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