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Careers - Sales

Matt Domanski
Senior Account Manager
Vancouver, Canada

“The secret to sales with Multivista is listening to your client and discussing which tech will deliver the right solutions for their problems,” says Matt Domanski. “You can’t just lean on one standardized pitch in this job.”

Matt started with Multivista in 2010 as a Documentation Specialist working out of the original location— Vancouver, Canada. An ex-professional snowboarder and action sport photographer, he quickly took to the fast-paced, highly mobile nature of documenting key construction milestones on jobsites all over the city.

“I enjoyed that job,” he says. “You have your schedule, you do your thing, and you’re done. I liked the constant change of working on a wide variety of projects all over the area. I still enjoy that, seeing the community come together from the ground up.”

After a few years documenting builds, Matt evolved into a Project Implementation Manager—specializing in helping Multivista clients utilize the Multivista Documentation system to get the most out of their data. That role, with its natural connection to clients and their needs, made it easier for Matt to transition into a Sales role in 2017.

“That knowledge of our system helped tremendously,” he says. “So did those years of talking directly with customers and helping them. To sell Multivista I am really advising people—listening to their pain points and issues and explaining how we can assist.”

In 2022, Matt closed over 140 deals, which translates into a lot of organization and check-ins to ensure his clients are benefitting from Multivista’s products and service. He says the better clients understand the benefits of having professionally captured data at their fingertips, the easier his job becomes.

“If we have a photo or scan that saves their ass when they have an issue—that saves time and money or catches a big problem before it happens…the next sale is really easy,” he says. “Once people understand the value first-hand, well…everyone likes to save money.”

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