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Careers - Corporate

Darla Greer
Sales Enablement Management— Global
Phoenix, USA 

“Change excites me. Change is the only way to achieve growth so being part of a quickly evolving company and industry is great,” says Darla Greer. “It feels like we are part of the future.”

A Multivista veteran, Darla Greer started with the company in 2010. At the time her husband was a subcontractor so she immediately saw the value, and potential, of Multivista’s professionally captured photos-on-floorplans software and service.

“I had just helped my husband on a huge mess of a project where we’d been emailing photos and dates back and forth for months to prove that issues on the jobsite were not our fault. As soon as I saw Multivista, I understood immediately how much time and effort the system can save people.”

Over the years, Darla has worn many hats for Multivista—from tradeshows and marketing coordination to creating the company newsletter—but she eventually landed in a Sales Enablement role and now supports over 120 salespeople in 80+ markets on 5 continents.

“No question is a dumb question,” Darla says. “And it’s exciting for me to help impart the knowledge of everything we do…and what we will be doing next. The future, and all the new technology coming with it, excites me. Change is the only way to get growth and with Multivista and Hexagon I feel like I am part of the future and part of the growth. I like the diversity of being able to work with people all over the globe and be part of a company that is always looking forward to make things better.”

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