Progress Reporting: Advancing project productivity to new levels

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Russell Bollig

Multivista Senior Director of Solutions

These days, construction professionals face a number of challenges, but the majority of them affect two things: schedule and budget. In addition, Project Managers must work through the manual process of recording project progress and schedule updates which, especially on larger projects, leads to the information being outdated before the ink is dry. To fix this, industry leaders have begun looking at integrating a single source of truth—accurate, timely and efficient—into the management of their construction projects.

To help with this, Multivista is tapping into Hexagon’s latest autonomous solution, Progress Reporting.  This comprehensive AI analysis tool creates accurate and reliable construction progress reports in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. Progress Reporting provides vital information such as a project’s current overall completion percentage, as well as percent-complete breakdown by floor and by sub trade.

Let’s look at how Progress Reporting works, and how it can help you to become more efficient in managing the project schedule, subtrades coordination, payment applications and much more.


At any frequency you need, our Multivista documentation specialists walk through your project site, documenting interior progress with 360° photos. Each photo is indexed to your floorplans and available to your project team at any time via the Multivista App or desktop portal.

COMPARE: Comparing project progress is achieved through enhanced AI analysis technology that compares the intended model/plans against the actual as-built digital images or BIM and generates reports that show the percentage complete (of the overall project, specific floor, or by sub trade versus the current schedule.

COLLABORATE: More accurately manage your scheduling updates, payment application reviews, weekly OAC meetings, quality verification assessments, and much more with greater efficiency, and confidence using these comprehensive AI-analysis progress reports. All vital project information is easily accessible within a few clicks.


In recent years, there has been an increased use of computer vision and machine learning technologies for project management in the construction industry. When it comes to progress analysis, this type of AI technology requires a large amount of reference data to train itself to establish a high degree of accuracy and quality reporting. Multivista’s AI analysis system has been built and trained with +20 years of high-quality construction documentation data, that’s tens of millions of real jobsite images from all over the world. The result: our AI has extensive detection capabilities and provides a thorough analysis on a project’s progress. With this powerful backend technology and Multivista’s specialists working on-site alongside your teams, all your project’s key information is captured in a detailed, clear, and accurate report.



With Progress Reporting, Multivista clients will benefit from a comprehensive AI analysis tool that provides accurate and detailed reporting on your project’s current as-built conditions compared to plan. With easy-to-share key project information outlined in each report, the increased efficiency and benefits include:

SCHEDULE UPDATES: View the latest progress of the overall project and compare against the plan to identify any delays, confirm schedule is on track, and complete schedule updates more accurately.

PAYMENT APPLICATIONS & CHANGE REQUESTS: Review the current progress by subtrade, recall previous progress milestones, validate work completed and streamline payment applications.

FIELD COORDINATION,  TRADE ACCOUNTABILITY & TRADE PRODUCTIVITY: Assess subtrades progression against plan and identify where coordination efforts should be prioritized.

INFORMED BUDGETARY FORECASTING: Review Subtrade or self-perform work productivity to more accurately update budget forecasts and personnel needs.


To achieve the best output and insights from Progress Reporting, it makes sense to ensure the system is working from the best jobsite data possible. With 20+ years in the construction reality capture industry, Multivista has 500+ documentation specialists in 70+ markets around the globe documenting as-built conditions using 3D Laser Scanning, webcams, UAV, video, digital photography and more.

To learn more about Progress Reporting, book a demo HERE.