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When precision is critical, Multivista part of Hexagon 3D Laser Scanning services assist Australia’s Moddex to design, manufacture, and install their handrail systems correctly and efficiently.

As Australia’s largest manufacturer of barrier systems—everything from stairwell handrails to accessibility ramps to balustrades and guardrails—Moddex designs and manufactures all their products specifically to each customer’s exact needs and dimensions. And when life safety is involved, they leave zero room for error.

Tasked to build and install handrails on a complex, multi-storey stairwell/fire escape, Moddex enlisted Multivista’s 3D Laser Scanning services to capture exact conditions of the site and create three-dimensional .DWG files their design and fabrication teams could use to ensure the railings would be a precise fit.

“Our handrail systems are designed and manufactured in house to ensure they comply with all safety requirements and suit their intended space,” explains Joe Stead, State Manager at Moddex. “Pre-manufacturing also ensures time spent installing on site is reduced, but this means it’s also absolutely crucial to have accurate dimensions and detailed information of the as-built or existing site conditions.”

Usually, Moddex sends their own technicians to every jobsite to manually measure and survey each location where their products will be installed so the handrails or products can be custom designed and crafted. Obtaining these precise measurements and translating them to digital design files can be a time-consuming process.

Using the Leica RTC360 scanners, Multivista documentation specialists can actively and efficiently scan a large area and create a 3D point cloud of the environment that can be converted to a 3D Revit model and the necessary .DWG files Moddex needs to complete their design/shop drawings.

“Engaging Multivista to scan large or tricky projects frees us from having to send a technician to the site,” Stead says. “And since the entire area is scanned, it reduces the risk of areas being missed or parts made incorrectly. As well, the point cloud captured also includes 360-degree photos at each scan location, this allows our design team to visually inspect or review the area as required. By modelling from Multivista’s point cloud, our team doesn’t have to manually draw up the base model for the design of our balustrade and handrail systems because the initial leg work is already done, accurately and efficiently. It frees up our time to focus on other things.”

Multivista has documented +300 million square feet of 3D scanning projects for +2700 architects, general contractors, and developers worldwide. Get in touch with at us to find out how our 3D Laser Scanning services can help you build better.

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