An Insider’s Look: Three Extra Ways to Apply 360 Photo

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Visual documentation has become one of the most prominent tools construction professionals use worldwide. This is not surprising because the number of applications it offers is mind-boggling. While the most popular way to use 360-degree photos is to monitor jobsites and track progress, every day 360 Photo users share additional applications they’ve discovered for 360 photos. In today’s blog, we are presenting a non-exhaustive list of how you can use 360-degree photos in your construction projects.

Most Popular Ways to Use 360 Photo Documentation

Saving Time. Capturing four views of one location from the same spot used to be the solution before 360-degree photos came on stage. Such technique left blind spots, the ones project parties ended up having questions about, and was time-consuming. Taking one photo that gives you a chance to see everything surrounding the point that the camera was placed changed the way you can visualize the job site, and it requires four times less time investment.

Removing the necessity to visit the site. 360-degree photos enable stakeholders, designers, contractors, and project managers to feel like they’re actually onsite while navigating through their photos. They also facilitate a faster decision-making process since everyone involved sees the same information, showing the quality of completed jobs, how different elements in a given space fit together, and whether the project is progressing according to schedule. When you have fewer people who need to carve out time to visit the job site, it also reduces the ambiguity and confusion between clients and project team members because all project parties, from clients and stakeholders to suppliers and onsite teams, are on the same page. Additionally, it’s a new and fresh approach to communicate with clients, which enables them to feel more involved in projects.

360 Photo never lies. 360-degree images are impossible to fake or modify as they capture everything. The fact that nothing can be hidden from 360-degree photos builds up trust between the team working onsite and those working offsite.

Getting the Most Out of 360 Photo

Public Relations and Communication. Each company has a story to share; the same is true for each construction project. No matter the complexity of your project, it has a unique combination of features and materials, which makes its story worth sharing. Each report or presentation you create shares some part of the project’s story, and the more engaging, authentic, and relevant you can make it, the more return you’ll see in trust from clients and people working in the industry. Feedback from our clients tells us how they use 360-degree images in slide shows and reports to help the audience visualize and navigate the job site, monitor the progress, and assess the quality of completed jobs.

If you’re involved in a public project, like building a university, it’s especially important to maintain high standards of transparency. By letting the public know that you’re leveraging such cutting-edge tools as 360 Photo, you not only give them a chance to look behind the curtain but also reassure them that ongoing jobsite monitoring is your top priority.

Project Scoping and Snagging. Compared to ‘regular’ photos, 360-degree photos include a powerful element of spatial awareness. Having just a few 360-degree photos will help you scope out a site in a fast and efficient way because they’ll provide you with a deeper understanding of the project delivery methods and procedures. Next, after one stage or job is completed, you can rely on 360 Photo to communicate issues and changes.

Final Audits. Since it’s impossible to alter or hide anything in 360 photos, they can be used as a powerful tool to audit projects from planning to completion.

As you can see, professional photo documentation tools are not only a cost-efficient contribution to monitoring jobsites, tracking the progress, and updating schedules but the sky’s the limit when it comes to the number of applications you can find for 360 Photo. Have a look at this Brochure explaining how 360 Photo works, or reach out today to boost your construction project and deliver better results.