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Product Specialists

Sr. Director of Operations and Support

With nearly two decades of professional experience in creative development and management, Marc joined the team in 2017 to oversees the expansion and evolution of Multivista’s webcam and video services.

With a degree in Political Studies from Queens University in Kingston Ontario, Marc has excelled at a range of careers in the private, public and non-profit sectors. He founded a produce distribution business, designed and created video games on Facebook, created and managed land conservation efforts and was also umbrella salesman in Vancouver BC, where it rains 161 days a year.

“The most exciting thing about Multivista is the caliber of the people that work here,” Marc says. “I have encountered so much goodwill, passion, and skill here. We have great people willing to help each other achieve a common goal, and after the Hexagon acquisition we now have the resources to take leaps where we once took steps.”