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Meet the Leadership Team Responsible for Driving Multivista Forward

Diverse Backgrounds, Singular Focus: Innovation in Everything We Do

Since 2003, we have never stopped growing, never sacrificed our commitment to providing exceptional service, and never stopped pushing new technological boundaries. Leadership has been an important factor in our growth. This has made Multivista a global leader in digital construction documentation—but none of it would have been possible without the hard work and unwavering dedication of our team.

Executive Leadership Team

Luis Pascual
President & CEO
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Luis Pascual
President & CEO

A lifelong problem solver and entrepreneur, Luis Pascual provides the vision that fuels Multivista’s innovation and drives change throughout the industry. His ability to integrate complex details and logistics into big-picture strategies is the foundation of Multivista’s success and has helped Luis build a strong executive management team and robust network of franchise owners.

Luis was working as an electrician building custom homes in Whistler and Vancouver, Canada, when he co-founded Multivista in 2003. Unsatisfied with the inefficiencies, waste, and workflows of the time, he saw a solution within the rise of digital photography. Today, the technology has advanced and so has Luis’ desire to build a better future and foster the next generation of information solutions for the construction and facilities management industries.

“I want to connect people to their projects,” Luis says, “and change the way we build the world.”

Graham Twigg
Chief Technology Officer
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Graham Twigg
Chief Technology Officer

Multivista co-founder, Graham Twigg, is responsible for directing Multivista’s information technology strategy. He oversees the development of successive generations of web application software and finds ways to integrate new reality capture technology into Multivista’s enterprise-level platform.

A licensed Professional Engineer (P.Eng), Graham also has a Bachelor of Applied Science from Queens University and a Masters of Applied Science from the University of British Columbia.

Prior to co-founding Multivista, he worked in advanced composite field engineering for the aerospace industry.

“My view has always been, we know definitively that every meaningful project will require construction documentation services at some point,” he says. “And no one is better situated to capture and deliver that data than us.”

Michael Quast
Michael Quast
Chief Operating Officer
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Michael Quast
Michael Quast
Chief Operating Officer

With more than 25 years of experience in branding, marketing, communications, public relations, and award-winning content generation, Michael is a strategic, business-focused leader with a proven track record for business development, successful partnerships, and market share growth. He is also a specialist in brand and reputation management and was instrumental in turning a contractor by the name of Mike Holmes into one of North America’s most trusted and iconic brands.

His previous position was as General Manager, Building Solutions with Hexagon Geosystems. Beyond that, Michael has a strong background in construction and has experience working with small, medium, and large-volume builders. He has worked on the regulatory side and the consumer protection side of home building and served on the Board of Directors of a Habitat for Humanity affiliate for three years. He established a national charity to give scholarships to youth entering the skilled trades and led the launch of a national home inspection business.

Michael resides in Oakville, Ontario, giving Multivista an executive resource close to many of our key strategic markets in the eastern US and Canada. He holds a B.A. (Hons) in Political Science from Queen’s University and a M.A. (Econ) in Politics from the University of Manchester.

He lives in a strawbale home he constructed with his wife, and they share it with two kids and two dogs.

Bethany Sorber
Corporate Counsel
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Bethany Sorber
Corporate Counsel

Bethany has been practicing franchise law as in-house counsel for over 7 years now and has had the opportunity to work with multiple different franchise brands of sizes and ranges in development and complexity. Bethany has her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a major in Finance from Central Michigan University and her Juris Doctorate from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

Dan McRae
Vice President - Franchise Relations
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Dan McRae
Vice President - Franchise Relations

Since 2015, Dan has worked across a number of Multivista departments including Marketing, Franchise Business Development, Finance, and Franchise Sales.  As Vice President of Franchise Relations, he is responsible for engaging franchise owners to build positive and productive relationships that benefit the Multivista Franchise network.

With over 15 years of experience in business and economic development between both the private and public sectors, Dan holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Royal Roads University with a certificate in Project Management from the University of British Columbia and a Diploma in Marketing Management and Real Estate Studies from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

“I love working in this dynamic space where construction and technology converge,” Dan says. “I’m excited to be a part of helping people who are shaping the future of the built environment.”

Michael Oldewening
Vice President - Marketing and Sales Enablement
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Michael Oldewening
Vice President - Marketing and Sales Enablement

With digital marketing experience dating back to 2002, Michael knows how to grow and develop a strong brand. He’s seen success at established international corporations as well as run-and-gun start-ups and has a unique understanding of marketing and sales operations in North American and International markets.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Simon Fraser University and is responsible for marketing and sales enablement initiatives in over 75 regional Multivista offices around the globe.

“Being a part of the Multivista team has been an incredible experience,” Michael says.  “I am fortunate to work for an organization that is continuously developing innovative technology that tangibly solves business problems for our clients. Marketing those services across the globe is both exciting and challenging.”

Product Specialists

Russ Bollig
Product Manager - Photo
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Russ Bollig
Product Manager - Photo

Russ started using Multivista in 2006 as a general contractor. Within two years he purchased his first franchise and became an expert on every aspect of the business. With his unparalleled hands-on experience, Russ was a natural fit to lead the Photos, Facilities and Vertical Construction division and act as a regional leader for the Central USA area.

Russ graduated from Iowa State University as a Construction Engineer and has extensive experience in the construction industry as a Project Engineer, Superintendent, and Project Manager. He also continues to own and operate a Multivista franchise in Nebraska.

“Multivista has provided me with a world of opportunities,” Russ says, before referencing a favorite quotation from author Napolean Hill – “The only limits of your mind are those you impose on it yourself.”

Marc Dugas
Product Manager - Webcam & Video
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Marc Dugas
Product Manager - Webcam & Video

With nearly two decades of professional experience in creative development and management, Marc joined the team in 2017 to oversees the expansion and evolution of Multivista’s webcam and video services.

With a degree in Political Studies from Queens University in Kingston Ontario, Marc has excelled at a range of careers in the private, public and non-profit sectors. He founded a produce distribution business, designed and created video games on Facebook, created and managed land conservation efforts and was also umbrella salesman in Vancouver BC, where it rains 161 days a year.

“The most exciting thing about Multivista is the caliber of the people that work here,” Marc says. “I have encountered so much goodwill, passion, and skill here. We have great people willing to help each other achieve a common goal, and after the Hexagon acquisition we now have the resources to take leaps where we once took steps.”

Multivista Franchise Owners

Multivista proudly recognizes our franchise leaders listed below as independent contractors and licensed vendors of the MULTIVISTA® brand services and products.

Senior Regional Principals
  • Brad Avrit – Southern California, USA
  • Brandon Colvin – South Region, USA
  • Jason Donahoe – Mid-Atlantic Region, USA
  • Andrew Duffell – Northern California, USA
  • Joe Ferro – Northeast Region, USA
  • Mike Harvey – Southwest Regions, USA
  • JD Lott – Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Dallas, TX, USA, Zurich, Switzerland
  • John Montesanto – Midwest Region, USA
  • Michael Niswender – Northeast Region, USA
  • Mark Oldenquist – Midwest Region, USA
  • David Stadnik – Southwest Region, USA
  • Jason Stadnik – Southwest Region, USA
  • Geoff Susskind – Southeast Region, USA
  • Reef Tanagho – Southeast Region, USA
  • Michael Walmsley – Northwest & West Regions, USA
  • Chris Winter – Midwest Region, USA
Regional Principals
  • Mohamed AlYaquby – Gulf Cooperation Council, Asia
  • Don Cate – Midwest Region, USA
  • Jeff Davis – East Region, USA
  • Justin Davis – East Region, USA
  • Brett Feemster – Southeast Region, USA
  • Robert Graham – Ontario, Canada
  • George Hill – Southeast Region, USA
  • Dan Jehlik – Midwest Region, USA
  • Paul Munsterman – Midwest Region, USA
  • Mohamed Najibi – Gulf Cooperation Council, Asia
  • Rick Noble – Midwest Region, USA
  • Brent Pearce – Southeast Region, USA
  • Chris Vance – Alberta, Canada
  • Jim Vance – Alberta, Canada
  • Scott Vinson – East Region, USA
  • Jon Weber – Midwest Region, USA
Managing Principals
  • Zack Alderson – Greenville, SC, USA
  • Brian Altus – Houston, TX, USA
  • John Altus –Houston, TX, USA
  • Jeff Baird – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Russ Bollig – Nebraska, USA
  • Alan Bryant – Scotland, UK
  • Cesar Burotto – Chile, South America
  • Jon Cohen – Colorado, USA
  • Ramon Colina – Panama City, Panama
  • Angel Davila – Panama City, Panama
  • Sean Fitzgibbons – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Mark Gallagher – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Victor Escalona Gonzalez – Medellin, Colombia
  • Steven Greer – Austin, TX, USA
  • Ryan Herting – Seattle, WA, USA
  • Charles Hill – London, England, UK
  • Ryan Holmes – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  • Jack Mackin – Massachusetts, USA
  • Ian McEwan – Scotland, UK
  • Karl Pallas – London, England, UK
  • Avery Pellet – Seattle, WA, USA
  • Kelly Radawetz – Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
  • Huw Roberts – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Zach Sallinger – Raleigh, NC, USA
  • Lautaro Seligman – Chile, South America
  • Brannon Vann – Memphis, TN, USA
  • Kristi Vick – South Florida, USA
  • Paul Viverette – Raleigh, NC, USA

Titles such as principal, managing principal, regional principal or senior regional principal do not indicate affiliation with Multivista Systems, LLC, but rather the licensee’s status as a licensed vendor.

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