Record Now and Save for the Life Cycle

Multivista Video is a High-Definition Solution for Facility Maintenance Teams and Building Stakeholders.

Professionally produced instructional videos allow facilities managers to:

  • Administer recurring operations and safety training sessions
  • Provide instruction for proper equipment inspections and maintenance
  • Troubleshoot, perform fault analysis, and repair equipment systems
  • Prevent costly knowledge loss from departing employees
  • Supplement complex technical manuals
  • Reduce life cycle expenses through maintenance efficiencies

Safety Training Video Sample

Facility Operations Training Sample

Professionally produced instructional videos allow stakeholders to:

  • Reduce liability or validate insurance claims
  • Maintain a comprehensive record of as-built conditions
  • Capture building walkthroughs
  • Certify complex equipment installations
  • Confirm workmanship and construction materials

Walkthrough Video Sample

Complex Equipment Video Sample


Accessible from anywhere, Multivista videos are securely hosted alongside your facility’s photographic documentation, architectural plans, and equipment manuals.

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